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Durga Puja and Banarasi Silk Sarees

It is about time for Durga Puja and people from all around the country have already started with the preparation. From decoration to shopping, everything is going in full swing to welcome the Goddess. That being said, can you even imagine Durga Puja without heart-throbbing, elegant looking, beautiful sarees?

The entire place comes alive with rich traditions and cultural festivities. And when speaking about Durga Puja, no women are more beautiful than the one fully draped in Indian Saree. If you are someone who is looking to get their new saree to welcome the Goddess home, you have come to the right place.

Banarasi Silk Saree

Though saree remains a must-wear during Durga Puja, the richness that Banarasi Silk Saree adds to your festivity is unmatched. In addition to this, the color that you wear during Navratri is also very important. During the nine days of celebrations, women from all around the world and especially in West Bengal are seen in Red, White and Maroon colored sarees.

Red Color Banarasi Saree

When it is time for Durga Puja, the saree with red color or red border is an integral part for every woman. Especially in West Bengal, women are compulsorily seen wearing red-colored sarees. This is because the red color is considered to be auspicious and symbolizes fertility. Thus, if you are wondering which saree should you wear while welcoming the Goddess, a red color Banarasi saree should be on the list.


White Color Banarasi Saree

Another much-favored color by women around the country during Durga Puja is a white-colored saree. Like red, even the white color is considered to be very auspicious and thus favored by most people in West Bengal. In addition to this, the color of white stands for purity. This shows that you are welcoming the Goddess with the purity of your heart.


Maroon Color Banarasi Saree

If you think that White and Red are too mainstream and you are looking for something else that stands apart from the heard, Maroon color pure Banarasi saree could also be a great choice for your Puja time. The handwoven Banarasi sarees look very elegant and ensure that most eyes are looking towards you.


You can check out all of these Banarasi sarees. We have a wide range of pure Banarasi Silk Sarees availaible in enchanting hues. Durga Puja is arriving quickly, and it is about time that you get on with your preparation for the festivities.