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Raksha Bandhan – Intricate Banarasi Weave for your Sister's Personality

Filled with love, respect, fun, and many other emotions – this festival of brother and sister holds a special place in everyone's life. Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi), which is celebrated during the month of Shravana, the relationship between every brother and her sister is filled with spicy and sugary moments that remain etched in their memories forever. The holy thread of protection of love fortifies the bond between sisters and brothers.

This thread not only represents the love and affection that sisters have for their brothers and vice versa, but it also signifies their friendship for a lifetime. Having said that, many gifts are being exchanged between brothers and sisters, while celebrating the festival of siblinghood.

With Raksha Bandhan just around the corner, you definitely might be looking for that special gift for your sisters, to convey the love and care you have for her. And we have got the perfect gift idea for your lovely sister. There is nothing better to gift her in comparison to the intricate Banarasi weaves.

Based on the personality of your sister, you can choose a particular color Banarasi Silk Saree, Dupatta or Suit that you can gift them, to make their day even more memorable.

  1. Red Banarasi Saree

If your sister is newly married there is no better color than the passionate red. It is also the color that represents people with strong ambition, strength, and will. If your sister is full of life, enthusiasm, and desire, the red color will reflect her personality.

  1. Pink Banarasi Saree

If your sister is romantic, fun-loving kind of personality that pink is the way to go. Girls who tend to like the pink color also tend to shower unconditional love on everyone. If this is your sister, give her a pink-colored Banarasi saree on Rakhi and make her day more memorable.

  1. Blue Banarasi Saree

If your sister has a peaceful and harmonious nature, blue is the way forward. If she is shy, sympathetic and courteous, she will like her new blue Banarasi weaves. Blue is also one of the most-liked colors by everyone.

  1. Black Banarasi Saree

If your sister is sophisticated, sensitive and artistic, she will definitely like a black color Banarasi saree. Black is the color that represents a mysterious and secretive kind of personality. So if this is your sister, don't think twice. We assure you she will like her present on Rakhi.

Other Colors

For sisters who are dreamer, caring and rational, most of the time, Banarasi saree with yellow, purple and brown will certainly be a good option. If you are looking to buy for more variety of Banarasi sarees online, you find a handpicked collection of it at our website. There is something for everyone. Don't wait anymore, get her the best and intricate weave for this year's Rakhi celebration.