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Flat 30% Off Sale, Ending 30th June!

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Royal Paithani

Complete your Closet with Banarasi Paithani Sarees

Indian women evidently adore handloom products which is why it is obvious that Wedding – an important life event – and a bride’s special day, isn’t complete without a gorgeous saree – a Paithani one. Named after the town in Maharashtra where they were first made, Paithani silk sarees are the physical manifestation of tradition and class all weaved into a precious drape. If you have ever laid eyes on a Paithani silk saree, you would know why they are considered the Queen of silks, but in case you haven’t, then you should know that this is because they were the apparel of royals and aristocrats once upon a time. Banarasi Paithani sarees – the progeny of Paithani Silk – is a must-have ethnic drape. Banarasi Paithani Silk Sarees are a favorite of saree connoisseurs (which is basically every woman), and this is because they give you the most gorgeous appearance ever. A classic Banarasi Paithani Saree is enough to turn a boring function into a memorable one (because all the attention would be on you). A Paithani drape will definitely catch eyes as you won’t be a part of the herd.

The rise of Paithani Silk

It is believed that the first Paithani Silk saree was made in Paithan, a town in Maharashtra. Paithani Silk sarees are inspired by nature and thus have lots of such motifs weaved onto them, and much like nature their weaving process is a yearlong one – it doesn’t stop. Paithani silk sarees were originally made from the best quality silk threads sourced from China while the zari work was locally done. Paithani silk sarees mark the expertise of the Indian textile industry, with their utilization of abundant and rich gold and flowery designs. When Banarasi artisans took it onto themselves to create a Paithani silk saree, a new kind of sarees emerged – Banarasi paithani silk sarees. Five hundred grams of silk threads and two fifty grams of zari go into the making of each banarasi paithani silk sarees. Banarasi paithani saree seem to have the appearance of fluctuating hues, this is due to their dazzling weaves that give way to the merging of colours. Since nature is the motivation behind banarasi paithani silk sarees, their motifs mostly comprise of peacocks, lotuses, and parrots. Although in the era of the Peshvas, the motifs varied and hans, ashraffi, asawalli were included in the sarees. Nowadays paurhani silk sarees have a parrot on their pallu, and this green parrot is also weaved onto their borders with a hint of red. The production process of all kinds of paithani pure silk sarees including banarasi paithani sarees hinge on their weaver and can take from six months to two years to weave. Like Gara embroidery, the paithani weave leaves no threads hanging and has no extra weft-forming figures on it.

What makes Banarasi Paithani Sarees so special?

Banarasi Paithani silk sarees are completely made of silk alone with no cotton in between. Their magnificent designs resuscitate traditional intricate motifs and keep culture alive. The borders of Banarasi paithani sarees are large in order to incorporate various banarasi motifs. The colour palette of Paithani pure silk sarees is luminous and includes statement numbers along with sunflowers weft in gold zari. It has taken weavers a lot of time to perfect the art of crafting a Banarasi paithani saree and the end result is nothing short of a flawless miracle. The extensive preparation that goes into the making of a single paithani pure silk saree assures its precision and the weavers' hard work pays off. Every saree has a story behind it and a banarasi paithani silk saree would make for the perfect story for you. Banarasi paithani sarees are an integral part of culture and they deserve to be a part of your wardrobe. As important as they are for Maharashtrian functions, they aren’t limited to a single state and are famous throughout the country and you can even buy paithani silk sarees online. The defining trait of paithani silk sarees includes the fact that both sides of the saree appear the same.

How to style and maintain Banarasi Paithani Sarees

It is quite easy to drape a paithani pure silk saree and easier to style it as per your preference as it does not get tangled with jewelry. Paithani sarees are the choice for you if you don’t want to lose touch with your roots and at the same time want to opt for something unconventional. If you wish to look absolutely outstanding while wearing a Banarasi paithani saree, it is recommended for you to carefully tuck its pleats and drape the remaining fabric around your neck. You could ditch the conventional way of draping a sare and try a more contemporary look by pairing your saree with a top, tshirt, jacket or shrug. Banarasi paithani sarees can also be draped in a gown like fashion.
For the longevity of your precious paithani pure silk saree you must spread the saree in a cool dry place each time after you wear it and let its fabric breathe for a day or two. If you don’t wear paithani sarees regularly, it is best to give it some air to breathe every once in a while. Do avoid subjecting paithani silk to direct sunlight, but also don’t keep your saree stored in a dark place for too long. The best way to store a paithani pure silk saree is to keep it in a muslin bag and keep changing its folds from time to time. If your saree appears crumpled use a dry iron to get rid of the wrinkles.

Who is Sacred Weaves?

Sacred Weaves is an online store that has its roots in the holy city of Varanasi. It has branched out from a hundred-year textile firm – JDS. The mission of sacred weaves is to deliver the best banarasi sarees online to your doorstep and keep the faith in handloom intact. The weaving community has been in business for ages and now is not the time for it to forgotten, from banarasi silk sarees to paithani silk sarees online, every drape is a touch away. Sacred Weaves is good at keeping its word and keeping its customers happy which is why it promises the finest quality of paithani silk sarees online, the kind that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. You won’t come across another site like Sacred Weaves, one that deals in all kinds of silk sarees and employs the most skilled artisans. If you are looking for a tension-free online saree shopping experience, your search is over. You won’t have to worry about the product either, since Sacred Weaves works relentlessly for their clients’ satisfaction and there is no way that you won’t end up liking the saree when you receive it.

Why buy Paithani silk sarees online at Sacred Weaves?

Sacred Weaves guarantees that it will satisfy your saree needs and does this without fail. There’s nowhere else on the internet where you will be able to find such a collection of elaborate designs and different colours to match your moods and preferences. Just like you, the sarees that Sacred Weaves offer are classy and elegant, they never disappoint. Do not wait a minute longer to purchase the saree of your dreams that your closet is begging you to buy and add some glamour to it. The fabric you buy at Sacred Weaves is produced using traditional methods and is hence the most authentic selection you will come across. Sacred Weaves uses tradition to create something unconventional.



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