SALE- Khaddi Georgettes now at Weaver's Price

SALE- Khaddi Georgettes now at Weaver's Price

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Navratri in Bandhej Banarasi: An unforgettable combination

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Dance moves being practiced, energies getting pumped, festive shopping lists being created, jewelry selected, and venues checked. All that Navratri spirits call for in its fold. This is an occasion for the Dandiya and garb and Rajasthan and Gujarat is ready to welcome Amba in all of Her divine glory. The different garba junctions will have live bands and even those localities that cannot afford bands, they will put on their Disc Jockey skills and one can easily hear the echoing ‘bolo Ambe mata ki jai’ with classic Gujju bhajans like ‘maadi tara mandirya ma…’ and more. But what can our banarasis do here? Our Banarasi sarees and lehengas can help you essay the divine energy on one of the nine divine days of Navratri and you will then understand why we say Navratri in Banarasi is an unforgettable combination.

Handloom Banarasi silk saree for Festive attire

You need not be a Bengali or a Gujarati, because now Garba parties are quite popular in many places and you can easily hop from one Bengali Durga Puja pandal to another. Maybe you felt out of sync the last year because you admired the traditional looks of those ladies and so your motive this year is to blend in the festive spirits. You need a flowy bandhani saree from our handloom bandhani banarasi silk collection. These sarees have an opulent brightness where the rich bandhani patterns marry the bright banarasi silk colors; we call it a perfect union. Flowy and lighter to manage, you will look photogenic in a dark green hue. It is easier to drape and stays true to your energies throughout the night.

Bottle Green Bandhani Khaddi Georgette Handloom Banarasi Saree

Red Banarasi silk sarees for Navratri

You are fond of dancing and for all the nine days, but Ashtami is a favorite day because most people worship little kanyas, as the embodiment of Goddess Durga and end their week long fasts. So this night you celebrate with a little more fun. You can check out our bandhani banarasi handloom silk saree collection and opt for any of the wonderful pieces. This is a two-in-one unique look. The Western traditional bandhani is combined in the handloom creation in a banarasi weave, combining the woven zari floral and buta motifs with elaborate patterns on borders and pallu both. This pick can be in any tone of red, because we associate Goddess with the many tones of red. Just wear simple gold jewels, bindi, kohl and bangles and Sacred Weaves knows we will get a testimonial from you real soon.

Red Pink Bandhani Khaddi Georgette Handloom Banarasi Saree

Bidding Farewell to Navratri in Blue

Ninth day is the last day of the Sharad Navratri. Hearts fill with a strange sort of sadness, it is an inexplicable void that either the Gujaratis can explain or the Bengalis can howl about. The fun festivity will end soon and then wait for a whole year for all that frolic. This is epic. So you need a saree to give expression to the innermost feelings. We have the solution. Wear a bandhej banarasi silk saree in tone of blue from our collection. The colors are festive, yet can help you enjoy the dancing because of its lightness, and not let anyone gauge too deep into your void because it has a lot of golden zari work all over. If anyone has to make an association, they will place you as the worshipper of the Shyama incarnation of Goddess Parvati. The starry nights and the garba pandal’s shining lights will help you feel better as they find a reflection in your saree. Moreover, what a regal end to the celebration. We are sure you would agree!

Blue Magenta Bandhani Khaddi Georgette Handloom Banarasi Saree

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The dhol and singing and lights and at home, the holy diyas and Ma Durga’s chauki, all of these are reminders of the Sharad Navratri, but we are especially focused on the dancing queens who must look like the diva that they are. In their real energies, they hold the power to win over the challenges, but they also need attires to dance through the Navratri nights. For these divas, Sacred Weaves has handloom banarasi silk sarees in the flowy weaves. Shop online and we ensure treating you as divinity.

JDS Banaras:

The heritage of Banarasi handlooms has been a stronghold for the JDS Banaras clan. They are patrons to many artisans and their silks are as authentic as their reputation among traders and buyers. The connoisseurs of the all things Banarasi silk handloom is also the patron to Sacred Weaves as they needed the online shoppers to also get a beautiful collection to choose from and cherish. Step into the Rathyatra store in Varanasi and you will be bedazzled for sure.