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Banarasi Tissue Saree : The best representation of culture and class

The beauty of banarasi tissue sarees is unbeatable, everyone loves them. Banarasi tissue sarees work magic for all occasions and at Sacred Weaves you will find the drape of your dreams. Banarasi tissue sarees have the most intricate of works and a dainty feel to them. The most glamourous of all the many kinds of banarasi sarees are the banarasi tissue sarees. Banarasi tissue sarees are also known as golden cloth because of the gold zari work on them, which makes them stand out. If it’s something for wedding wear that you’re looking for banarasi tissue sarees are the pick for you.  The lacquer and gleam of banarasi tissue sarees is what adds a sense of festivity to its fabric. The elegance of banarasi tissue sarees stands out in the sense that they are an absolute wardrobe essential for every woman. Find out more about the amazing drape that is banarasi tissue, below:

Why buy Banarasi Tissue Sarees?

Out of all the tissue sarees, banarasi tissue silk sarees are the most popular and admired. Banarasi tissue sarees are made in the holy city of Varanasi. A lot of thought and effort goes into designing banarasi tissue silk sarees, making them not just beautiful but also durable than the rest of the tissue sarees. Brocade is integrated in its design which results in the tissue banarasi saree price being a little expensive.

Banarasi tissue sarees are intricately woven and incorporate zari work which adds to their appeal. The famous zari design of a woven golden lotus floating in water made of the cutwork design contributes to the popularity of banarasi tissue sarees, and is exclusive to them. While the tissue Banarasi saree price might sound a little upmarket, they are greatly alluring out of all the banarasi and tissue sarees combined, and are worth every penny. The border and pallu of banarasi tissue sarees is decorated with self-woven paisleys, if you aren’t a fan already, they are sure to make you one. Apart from banarasi tissue saree’s striking patterns, they also constitute diamond designs in the middle of paisley motifs running alongside the border of the saree. The exquisiteness of banarasi tissue silk sarees is surely going to make you fall for them. Banarasi tissue silk sarees are elegance personified and famous for their sheer appearance. The banarasi tissue sarees online might turn out to be a great match for you, if you are looking for a party wear outfit. The fabric of banarasi tissue silk saree entwines silk with silver and gold threads in order to achieve the final drape which is then decorated with elaborate characters. The gold or silver threads of tissue fabric is woven in a single direction while the coloured threads are woven in the opposite direction to creat a shot effect. Choose a banarasi tissue saree online to stand out from the crowd. When you drape a banarasi tissue saree it also defines your curves which is a plus point. Banarasi tissue sarees online come in both lightweight and heavy variants determined by the design, the former is appropriate for summers while the latter is perfect for winters – overall, banarasi tissue silk sarees can be worn all year long.

How to style and look after Banarasi Tissue sarees

Banarasi tissue silk sarees might be easy to drape and durable but they still require maintenance or their fabric could undergo damage. You can pair banarasi tissue silk with minimal jewelry as it outshines everything and doesn’t require much of styling. These sarees work well for all kinds of occasions be it formal events or the festive season. If you wish to wear a banarasi tissue saree to a family function you could pair it with a small jhumka and leave everyone in awe. The lustre of banarasi tissue sarees brings light to everyone’s faces and is perfect for festivities. Add an ethnic twist to your outfit by wearing a Banarasi tissue saree to parties and flaunt your curves in the most subtle, sophisticated, and stylish way possible. Pair banarasi tissue sarees with a designer blouse to charm everyone and gain loads of compliments. You are sure to catch everyone’s attention at whichever function you choose to attend draped in a dazzling banarasi tissue saree.
As far as the maintenance of banarasi tissue silk sarees is concerned, one must not treat them with recklessness. The tissue banarasi saree price is high enough for it to be considered an investment and you never neglect something that you’ve invested in so in order to add to the durability of your saree make sure not to stain it because it will then require dry cleaning, and a lot of dry cleaning might end up damaging the fabric. Never hand wash or machine wash banarasi tissue sarees, they are not meant to be manhandled. Do not let the saree sit too long in one fold, change its folds frequently in order to restrain you banarasi tissue saree from tearing easily. Do not store banarasi tissue sarees in plastic bags, rather it is recommended to keep them in a bag made of muslin. If you wish to iron your saree, make sure to do it on low heat because high heat may ruin its designs and the fabric as well.

Buy banarasi tissue sarees online at Sacred Weaves

The collection of banarasi tissue sarees online at Sacred Weaves will leave you mesmerized. Nowhere else on the internet will you find such fashionable yet traditional banarasi sarees. There is a wide range of banarasi sarees online on Sacred Weaves for you to choose from and wear to various events. Sacred Weaves and Banarasi sarees are both the products of Varanasi and therefore, the most authentic selection of banarasi tissue sarees online can be found at Sacred Weaves. Like banarasi tissue sarees, the legacy of Sacred Weaves is a long one. Sacred Weaves is the online endeavor of JDS Varanasi which has dedicatedly and whole heartedly provided the best sarees for its customers for a century, and will continue to do through Sacred Weaves for a hundred more years. The tissue banarasi saree prices offered by Sacred Weaves are the most reasonable, as compared to all the other online stores, in order to stay true to customers. Surf for excellent sarees that are suitable for you from your home and receive them at your doorstep by placing an order for banarasi tissue sarees online.

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