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Madhuri celebrates Makar Sankranti with panache in a traditional Sacred Weaves Paithani Banarasi

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As all ancient civilizations do, we all worship nature for its bounties and for the way it makes our lives transition from one phase and change to another. Makar Sankranti is one such festival in our calendar where we celebrate the transitioning of the sun and what actually marks as the invitation to warmer days. On this traditional day, we see households being cleaned and rangolis and kolams, people cooking khichdi and other good savory dishes to mark the harvest celebration, and the smell of sesame in the air. There is much warmth and comfort in the atmosphere and hearts light up and people believe in doing good deeds. Our hearts at Sacred weaves warmed up too as we saw the renowned actress Madhuri Dixit celebrate Makar Sankranti. Makar Sankranti helped us warm up too as Madhuri celebrates Makar Sankranti with panache in a traditional Sacred Weaves Paithani Banarasi Saree.

Let’s hear more about it.

Madhuri Dixit in Yellow Paithani Saree


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Paithani and Banarasi a Tale of Traditions

We all know that Banarasi is in a way a true cultural melting pot where many traditional weaving patterns and elements came and found a sangam or union. This happened as the banarasi weavers and paithani weavers communicated and notes must have been exchanged. Paithani sarees have a unique fondness for peacocks and parrots, with floral themes on heavy silken zari woven pallus and borders, with smaller buta work on the body of the saree. With the brighter colours, it all comes too alive. The saree that Madhuri wears for the Makar Sankranti celebrations has beautiful coy parrots and let us talk about her look in full detail.

Madhuri Dixit’s Paithani Banarasi Look-book

Madhuri Dixit in Yellow Paithani Saree


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She has been seen in Banarasi Sarees before as well. However, this year she took Instagram by the storm as she dipped herself deeper into traditions. She is a Marathi Mulgi known for her acting provess, wished her fans and folks in a very Marathi style and wore a Golden Mustard handloom Banarasi saree in culturally strong Paithani sareee in Banarasi handloom from our Royal Paithani collection at Sacred Weaves. The trick to get it absolutely right for this saree was to stick to traditions, and she nailed it. Madhuri paired her traditional handloom paithani saree with gold jewelry and got the tone of gold spot on. She paired two necklaces, one closer to the neck and the other longer one cascading and sitting atop her saree with grace. Her small bindi accentuated the clean bun adorned with gajra. Her look comes complete with the Marathi nath, especially with her fine features, it is beautiful.

Madhuri Dixit in Yellow Paithani Saree


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The gorgeous Mustard Paithani Banarasi saree is a glint of gold as the golden sun and the golden crop, warming up the cold times and truly defining the Makar Sankranti harvest festival traditions. The Sacred Weaves saree she wore, has that glint of red in the coy parrot, signifying growth and fertility, which carries forward in the bold Mughal floral motif in the pallu.

Sacred Weaves and Royal Paithani

Paithani is a saree for the royals at heart and royals of elegance, or so we believe at Sacred Weaves. You see, the parrots and peacocks are symbols of conjugal bliss, harmony, good life, and foremost, beauty and elegance. These sarees were woven for brides and the royals and elites in the olden times. In our bid to make this timeless weave blend into the modern, our weavers brainstormed with us at the design stage so that we can have something for people with all types of demands. There is a fully bridal red paithani banarasi saree, complete with floral motifs and rich buti throughout, and softer pastels for those who love softer tones. One thing for sure, our boutique couture collection has an edge that probably caught and hence the diva chose this for her Makar Sankranti panache.

The sarees from this collection are befittingly titled Royal Paithani, where, the floral motifs have flown throughout the collection and borders on sarees. The pallus are rich and intricately woven. The colours, owing to the banarasi handloom techniques have a softer silken shine that makes each fold radiate with a color and shade play. Available in our Royal Paithani Collection these sarees have taken months and days at perfection beginning from the very envisioning, design and then organizing the collection. Authentic, and complete with the Silk Mark approval, our sarees have the ability to grab the eyes of whoever sees you wear one of these.

Final Address:

The Royal Paithani sarees in banarasi handloom woven techniques merge the Mughal floral patterns with their own heritage and become the blossomed and blooming sarees fit for our empowered beauties. Hence, at Sacred Weaves we are grateful Madhuri Dixit decided to celebrate Makar Sankranti in a Paithani Banarasi saree. She helped further our cause for the promotion of heritage weaves and empowered our resolve to resurrect their glory. She shone forth like a golden goddess and that is a sunny bright look!

JDS Banaras:

Sacred Weaves is making ripples in the modern trousseau market where many ladies desiring to own one banarasi handloom saree are visiting our websites every day. However, this success, especially with celebrities choosing us too, would not be possible without the patronage and care of JDS Banaras, a name much recognized in the world of silk and banarasi handloom heritage. Operating from their cultural Rathyatra Crossing store, in Varanasi, this name has earned accolades and continues to shine brighter. We are blessed to have such an eminent mentor.

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