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Exploring the Latest Banarasi Lehenga Designs of the year

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When the wedding seasons open, it is all about trousseau and every woman wants to look different. Sacred Weaves does not worry much on that account because with the in-house weaving and designing process, unique and boutique experiences are something we vouch for. However one attire that has seen an increasing fan following over the years is Lehenga. Hence, in this season of celebrations, which never is over for our culture, we bring for you some choices so that you get exploring the latest banarasi lehenga designs of the year and manage to stand out from the crowd. However, did you know that lehengas have a traditional root but has seen many transitions over the years?

Sacred Weaves, is a house of everything Banarasi, so the lehengas we would talk about are also Banarasi Lehengas and worry not, we have some really good recommendations so that when you explore these designs, you will love yearn to buy one for yourself.

Red: The color of Year

Wondering why we are calling Red as the color of the year? Let us just be honest, red is a permanent colour for red resembles our blood, vigor, fertility, love, and more. 

Red Meenakari Silk Handloom Banarasi Lehenga


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here we have the red lehenga for the bridal choice. Yes, you heard it right, bridal choice. As a non-fussy and elegance loving bride. You can pair beautiful temple jewelry in classic gold tones with subtle coloured stone and pearl embellishments and it would be a joy to behold you. Floral braided or bun hairstyles and stack of bangles paired with gold kadas, to highlight the mehendi. When it comes to the red lehenga from our collection, to accentuate your waist is a wonderful lace-like woven gold pattern which paves way to buta work that then cascades to a broad border that has intricately woven patterns. The beauty of the skirt is in the intricate and dual border rich look. The dupatta is equally affluent in terms of design as the buta work gets spaced across, the border of the skirt gets prominent position on both ends of the dupatta. The buta work seems to find a huge prominence as the blouse is full of it and comes with a rich golden border that can make for a great embellishment to the sleeves and neck or back designs. The best part about this lehenga is, as a bride you can look like a royalty, but each piece can be later paired, leading to multiple outfits not only as a bride, but also as a wonderful wedding or celebratory occasion guest!

Popular in Purple or Wine Banarasi Lehenga

Purple Satin Silk Handloom Banarasi Lehenga


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When it comes to exploring the latest trend in lehengas from our catalogue, we are definitely acing the game. How? The answer is simple. Let us assume you are a bridesmaid or a part of the bride squad and your choice of colour will help you stand out, to add to this, you want something more regal than ever seen, then a purple banarasi handloom lehenga is your choice. It comes in a wine shade as well, which is an in-between purple and red, and can help you look special more so if you are a newly married bride yourself. So this purple lehenga will come with a sophisticated skirt that a stripe-y pattern with an ornate leaf adorned woven patterns in the border. What this does is, it helps you look taller. So what you need is either emeralds, rubies and some polka in your subtle statement jewelry and you are all set!

Going Green in a Green Banarasi lehenga

Alia Bhatt in Green Banarasi Lehenga


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Alia Bhatt wore a green banarasi lehenga and if you liked that look, why wait? Sacred Weaves will help you too look flawless in pure green banarasi lehengas. For instance, if you love a rich bottle green, then we have a very ornate collection, but for a refreching matcha green tea lover, there are olives and lighter shades to pick from. These green banarasi lehengas are worthy exploring in the coming times as you wish to look refreshing and yet very regal. Maybe, you can pick a floral neat hairdo and chunky chandbalis or jhumkas because our lehengas are rich in the authentic certified silk with its own sheen. The best part is that the golden woven threadwork is extremely beautiful and depending on the shade of green you pick, the dupatta changes from heavy brocade work to flowy silk variants.

Blacks and Browns Banarasi Lehengas

You are a different personality and you wish to celebrate your uniqueness. Worry not, visit Banarasi Lehenga collection by Sacred Weaves and you will not be disappointed. Black is a very powerful color and you liked how Deepika wore her black lehenga at an event, you can too. But if you like earthy browns, stress not. The tissue work blends well with soft browns to make a subtle moon-like sheen that needs very subtle jewels to accompany, and if you love minimalism then this is definitely your call. Whereas, if entering a room like a golden glamour is your choice, then the black base with rich gold woven work in pure thread and meenakari variants will be your call.

Final Address:

There are yellows and pinks too in our collection of Banarasi lehengas but we wanted to help you look absolutely different so we suggested these few. One thing we are sure of, whatever you pick, shall anyway help you standout. You become a patron for banarasi heritage and explore the world of uniquely aesthetic banarasi lehengas, while also becoming the owner of a priced possession that can help you look ethereal effortlessly. While you are exploring through catalogues, we suggest visit us if looking flawlessly femme fatale is your desire. Sacred Weaves will wait.

JDS Banaras:

A name etched in the minds of everyone who loves banarasis and a name committed to upholding the ethos of banarasis in this country and the world at large, JDS Banaras has been serving the cause for more than a century now from their noble Rathyatra store. Evolving with times and knowing how limiting a store in a certain location can be, they are nurturing Sacred Weaves and helping promote Banarasi handloom sarees, lehengas and fabrics throughout the world.