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The Prestigious Banarasi Uppada Silk Sarees

Uppada silk sarees are considered an essential ethnic attire by the Indian woman. They are weaved in the footsteps of the traditional Jamdani method and are also known as Uppada Silk Pattu in Telugu. The appealing designs of Uppada soft silk sarees are the reason of their outstanding beauty, and why they are believed to be the most lavish silk sarees to exist. Uppada Silk sarees require intensive labour as they are woven by employing only non-mechanical techniques. The most evident thing that attracts everyone to an Uppada Silk Saree is their zari work. You may buy Uppada Silk Sarees online at Sacred Weaves if you have your heart set on them. If by chance you are dubious about Uppada Silk Sarees online shopping, read on and we are sure that you will fall in love with them, like everybody else.

What are Uppada Silk Sarees?

Uppada – a town in Andhra Pradesh renown for its fabulous sarees – is where Uppada silk sarees originate from. In order to understand the making of Uppada soft silk sarees you must first understand the Jamdani technique which has inspired the weaving process of Uppada sarees. Uppada came across the Jamdani method which requires two weavers on one loom in the late 20th century. Designs associated with Andhra Pradesh slowly started being included into the Jamdani weaving method and ultimately gave way to a new variety of silk sarees altogether, now popularly known as Uppada. The weaving process is extremely difficult since it requires a lot of time and effort for the weavers to develop the skill set since it is done all by the hands. You might not know but the Uppada Silk Saree of your dreams is prepared in at least 2 months. The efforts of the artisans pay off when impressive Uppada soft silk sarees are born. These sarees are most appreciated for their thin texture and are worn mainly to big events because of their rich look.

Uppada silk sarees are as expensive as they look because of all of the above factors and are therefore not always affordable. If you wish to experience the astonishing yet comfortable drape all through the year at a more reasonable price we have the perfect alternative for you – choose Banarasi Uppada silk sarees online. Banarasi Uppada silk sarees are one such iteration of Uppada silk that is created just to make them accessible by everyone go for Banarasi Uppada silk sarees online shopping at sacred weaves to flaunt them at any upcoming function.

Banarasi Uppada Silk Sarees Online Shopping

Banarasi uppada silk sarees, like their inspiration from the south are revered all over the world and are the most deserving to be purchased by you. Banarasi Uppada soft silk sarees hold a big share in the textile industry of India as they are most bought, the industry itself has evolved so that and you to get your hands on them easily through the most convenient option which is Banarasi uppada silk sarees online shopping. The fame of Uppada soft silk sarees extends to the museum of Victoria and Albert in London which brags of a great variety of Uppada silk sarees, although if you wish to make a purchase by Banarasi uppada silk sarees online shopping, we have the perfect site for you – Sacred Weaves. Banarasi uppada silk sarees are as much of hit as the southern uppada sarees from which they have evolved, and are preferred by everyone. You can shop for banarasi uppada silk sarees online as there’s a wide range available for taking on the internet on websites such as Sacred Weaves. While uppada silk sarees are exclusively produced in Andhra Pradesh which has earned them a GI tag, but banarasi uppada silk sarees online shopping enables you to have the experience of wearing a genuine uppada silk saree at a far more affordable price from any part of the country. You get to experience amazing fabric at just the click of a button, what else is there to ask for? Don’t wait another minute to buy the banarasi uppada silk saree you desire and browse the internet for a hassle-free experience.

Styling and Maintenance of Banarasi Uppada Silk Sarees

If you are looking for something to wear to the likes of wedding functions or festivities, the best choice would be Banarasi uppada silk sarees. The rich fabric of Banarasi uppada silk sarees makes them perfect to make you feel special on an important day. Not only are Banarasi silk sarees beautiful to the eye, but they are also durable, long-lasting and affordable, so much that they are considered an heirloom in many families. It’s easy to drape and carry a Banarasi uppada silk saree. If you have a classy taste these sarees will fit right into your preferences. When paired with a cotton petticoat Banarasi uppada silk sarees are the most comfortable ones to opt for. Pair them with befitting jewelry, footwear, and a well-stitched blouse and you will be good to go! Drape Banarasi Uppada silk sarees in such a way so that their exquisiteness is displayed to the best potential because. Do iron your saree before draping it, as wrinkly and messy pleats might make it appear shabby.

When it comes to making your saree last long there are a few things to be kept in mind such as always get the uppada silk saree you own dry cleaned after wearing it and never wash it at home. Make sure never to keep your saree in direct sunlight for it could damage its colour and fabric.

About Sacred Weaves

Sacred Weaves has branched out from JDS Varanasi in order to continue their hundred-year-long legacy onto the online platform. They work hard to increase the availability of amazing Banarasi sarees online for you. Their venture is blessed by the holy city of Varanasi in which Sacred Weaves is based. You might find many sites that sell sarees online but none of them are as dedicated towards preserving the art of the weaving community, as Sacred Weaves is. Sacred Weaves work for a cause which is to bring into the conversation and put the spotlight on hand-woven fabric – making it an everyday thing and not a luxury. The flawless products offered by Sacred Weaves are the emblems of their legitimacy.

Banarasi Uppada Silk Sarees Online Shopping at Sacred Weaves

At Sacred Weaves you will find the best range of Banarasi uppada silk sarees online as compared to any other site and at reasonable prices. Whichever kind of silk saree you wish to buy, you will catch them on their website – be it regular wear or formal, traditional wear or a fashionable attire – they have it all. While purchasing from Sacred Weaves you won’t have to worry about the quality of the saree that you will receive because they live by their words and are loyal towards the happiness of their customers, therefore you will never find yourself disappointed if you choose Sacred Weaves.

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