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Vintage Shikargah

Embrace your culture with Shikargah Sarees

Shikargah sarees get their name from the word ‘shikar’ which means ‘to hunt’. Hunting grounds were also called by the same name, once upon a time. It is a complicated weaving technique which uses zari work to depict animals in the act of hunting, against the backdrop of organic banarasi silk. The artfulness of shikargah glamorizes the hand loomed, plush fabric of banarasi silk sarees in the best way possible. Sacred Weaves has made it possible for you to get access to their exclusive range of shikargah silk sarees online, in order to make banarasi weaves more prominent. The motifs on shikargah sarees are extremely labour intensive and take a lot of time to be made. You will find this kind of artistry done only on banarasi silk sarees. The metallic tone of zari work makes the designs even more lively, the making of which can take up to 4 months.

Origin of Shikargah Sarees

It is wrong to believe that Shikargah is a weave, when in fact, the word itself describes the set of designs crafted in the form of hunting acts on Shikargah sarees. It is strongly believed that Shikargah sarees emerged before India was colonized, as hunting has acted as an inspiration to many Indian art forms since before the Mughal era. Banarasi Shikargah silk sarees are characterized by a distinct design of hunters on horses and elephants. Shikargah silk sarees are woven with the help of a supplementary weft process as seen on brocade banarasi silk sarees. Banarasi culture has influenced most of the designs you witness on shikargah sarees. The pattern-and-motif-lexicon of shikargah sarees is deeply identified with the holy city. Some of the patterns include zari vines, flowers, animals, birds and scenarios of jungles. Shikargah is unique to Varanasi, an exclusive feat. The amazing fabric and intricate hand weave is hard to be missed, it never fails to amaze you. History and culture are inherent in every weave of a shikargah saree, they are what bring it to life. Shikargah silk sarees are so disarming, that many women choose to make them a part of one of the most important days in their life – their wedding. The legacy that underlines banarasi shikargah silk sarees is unending. Shikargah sarees carry a part of the soul of the land they belong to and the people that have created them. Among many inspirations, medieval Persian art forms have also played a part in the motifs found on shikargah sarees.

What now poses to be a threat to these artful sarees is the fear of extinction of this craft, as more and more proficient weavers are letting go of the art. Adeptness is a valued virtue when it comes to a genuine shikargah sarees, and that requires a lot of time and effort. Power loom is supposed to be an easy way out as it is less time consuming and isn’t as painstaking. But power looms can never compare to handloom, as cultural significance is lost on them, and the traditional designs can only be handmade and not machine produced in bulk.

Why buy Shikargah Sarees online?

Change your look, by choosing something that isn’t typical – shikargah silk sarees. Women are in awe of the handwoven shikargah sarees throughout the country every since the art of hand loom got revived. The sarees pay tribute to the era of hunting and enable the person wearing them to feel the rich history behind the fabric and participate in it.

When you dress different than others you are bound to become a trend setter, with a saree like this, there is no chance that others won’t follow your lead. Their many designs consist of Persian ones such as the tree of life, and pomegranate flowers. The sarees are as tempting as it gets, they deserve a place in

your closet and must be worn at least once in your lifetime. A multitude of motifs decorate shikargah silk sarees which makes them even more appealing. Motifs from all around the globe and time periods decorate banarasi shikargah silk sarees. There are countless reasons why you should buy a shikargah saree and the internet makes accessing them way easier. Get your favourite sarees straight from the city of their origin – Varanasi – from sites such as Sacred Weaves. A shikargah saree is fit for festivities as its designs match their lively energy. The regal and brimming features make them distinctive and worthy of being bought. Banarasi weave accentuates the beauty of Shikargah silk sarees. Each inch of a shikargah saree is carefully crafted and has beautiful motifs spread everywhere. The lush brocade work and rich cultural significance is outstanding, not only is a shikargah saree beautiful to look at and worn, it is also a priced possession.

You are going to feel as classy as royalty when wearing a shikargah silk saree. Shikargah sarees are known to be popular in kinkhwabs. Shikargah sarees have traveled lands and carry a bucket load of traditional within their fabric which is why they are still relevant in the fashion industry.

Buy Shikargah Sarees at Sacred Weaves

Sacred Weaves is the online extension of JDS Varanasi, a 100-year-old saree manufacturer. Sacred Weaves takes online shopping for banarasi sarees to a notch higher by delivering the best sarees from Varanasi to your doorstep directly from the religious center. Sacred Weaves has gone to great lengths to ensure that its customers are satisfied, and it employs the best artisans to create the most exquisite sarees while also protecting the art of handloom weaving. Sacred Weaves has expanded on the legacy of JDS Varanasi and its weavers by evolving with time and making it easier for you to get the greatest banarasi sarees online, anywhere in the country. By presenting the most authentic sarees produced with full diligence, Sacred Weaves guarantees to help you feel the magic of the city of temples via its fabric.

Sacred Weaves offers the largest selection of sarees and guarantees that they will be delivered to you promptly and in excellent shape. Sacred Weaves’ online assortment of shikargah silk sarees is unparalleled, and no other store on the internet comes close. If you’ve been debating whether or not to buy banarasi sarees online, now is the time to do so. Sacred Weaves not only makes your online shopping experience pleasant, but their sarees are also more affordable than any other site.

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