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Flat 30% Off Sale is Live!

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Pista Green Plain Silk Handloom Saree Rs. 15,457.50 Rs. 17,175.00
Red Plain Silk Handloom Saree Rs. 15,457.50 Rs. 17,175.00
Pink Plain Silk Handloom Saree Rs. 15,457.50 Rs. 17,175.00
Royal Blue Plain Silk Handloom Saree Rs. 15,457.50 Rs. 17,175.00
Dark Green Plain Silk Handloom Saree Rs. 15,457.50 Rs. 17,175.00

What is Katan Silk

Katan Silk is the purest form of silk with a plain woven fabric. Yarn use to make a Katan Silk Saree is made by wrapping various silk filaments giving firm structure to fabric. Katan silk fabric is highly durable and soft.

Origin of Katan Silk

Katan Silk Saree is originated in Persia from the ancient times of Mughals. Women of royal families used to wear the Katan silk sarees because of it’s softness and lustrous appearance. It has a royal look and is sturdy in nature.

Banarasi Katan Silk Saree

Banarasi Katan silk sarees are pure, handwoven and famous across the world because of their quality and alluring designs. Katan silk sarees are weaved with different techniques – Kadwa Weave and Cutwork Weave.

Kadhwa Weave

Kadwa Weaving is an exclusive handloom technique. This weave is the most laborious, ponderous artistic tradition of Banaras. A kadwa silk saree takes a month of brilliance and hard work of our creative artisans.

Cutwork Weave

Cutwork weaving is another traditional classic weave passed down through generations of weavers from the heritage city of Banaras.

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