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Flat 30% Off Sale, Ending 30th June!

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The most eye-catching fabric: Tanchoi Silk Sarees

It is no less than a universal truth that sarees are loved by every woman alike. When it comes to draping a saree there are many options to choose from, but one of the most exquisite kinds of silk sarees are Tanchoi Silk sarees. Tanchoi silk sarees are woven with either a single or double warp and a mixture of 5 or less colours on the same side of their weft. As the name suggests, the base fabric for these sarees is the most loved one – silk. Tanchoi silk sarees are widely regarded by everyone for their spectacular designs and the fact that they are the easiest to drape because of their lightweight. The motifs on Tanchoi silk sarees mostly include floral patterns, birds flying, and peacocks and parrots. The designer spots that tanchoi silk sarees don on the surface are unparalleled and are weaved using double coloured warps. The fabric of Tanchoi silk sarees is a class by itself because the texture of the saree has the look of a satiny varnish. Tanchoi silk has an embroidered feel to it because of the extra threads added to the saree’s 9-yard fabric. There are many adaptations of the Tanchoi silk sarees but the most famous ones include the ones made in Gujarat and Varanasi. To know more about the soft and lush Tanchoi silk sarees read below :

Kinds of Tanchoi Silk Sarees

Before buying any saree its best to know your options. There are various types of Tanchoi silk sarees online for you to choose from, the best ones have been mentioned below :

  1. Zari Tanchoi Saree

The banarasi tanchoi sarees are famous for their zari work and are exclusive to Varanasi. Their weft incorporates either a single silk and gold thread or a single gold thread and two silk ones, you can find both the kinds at Sacred Weaves. Zari Tanchoi silk sarees are completely handwoven which makes them stand apart.

  1. Satin Tanchoi Saree

The fabric of these sarees is satiny and of one solid colour, whereas the weft threads can be of more than one colour. At times various hues are used for the body weft of the saree.

  1. Thread Border Tanchoi Saree

These tanchoi sarees are native to Gujarat and their base is made purely of silk. The weft work on thread border tanchoi sarees has at least two colours on the body. The designs included in thread border tanchoi sarees are jacquard and woven ones.

How to get your hands on Tanchoi silk sarees online and style them?

It is best to purchase tanchoi silk sarees online, for it is the most convenient way to shop. Search for tanchoi silk sarees online on sites such as Sacred Weaves and find various sarees to choose from, ones that match your requirements. Shopping for tanchoi silk sarees online is the quickest way to find the perfect saree for yourself so head to an online store and grab one.
If you are a fan of subtlety buying Tanchoi Silk sarees online is the right choice for you. Their designs are out of the box and not too extravagant so as to keep in mind the preferences of all age groups. Here you may learn how you should style them. The magnificent fabric of Tanchoi silk sarees is perfect for every occasion be it big or small. It is recommended to wear Tanchoi silk when the weather is cold as its heavy fabric protects you from getting the chills in a stylish way. Before you drape a Tanchoi saree its best to iron it. Since silk doesn’t react well to heat but also wrinkles easily therefore you shall use a steam iron or low heat to get rid of the creases. Tanchoi silk fabric is known to keep you warm and is therefore best suited for winters or autumn. Tanchoi silk is the ultimate bridal wear saree, the wide range of these sarees is fitting for every function and accommodates the likings of every woman. For a slim appearance pair the saree with a cotton petticoat. Flaunt the beautiful and heavy work of your Tanchoi silk saree’s pallu by leaving it unpinned to your shoulder.

What is Sacred Weaves?

Sacred weaves is the online successor of the 100-year-old saree manufacturing firm JDS Varanasi. Sacred Weaves takes your banarasi sarees online shopping to another level by bringing the best sarees from Varanasi straight to your doorstep right from the holy city. Sacred Weaves has left no stone unturned to keep its customers happy and employs the best artisans to craft the most beautiful sarees, and keep the art of handloom alive. The legacy of JDS Varanasi and its weavers is carried on by Sacred Weaves as it has evolved with time and made it easier for you to access the best banarasi sarees from any corner of the country. Sacred Weaves assures to make you feel the magic of the city of temples through its fabric, by delivering the most authentic sarees crafted with utmost dedication.

Shop for Tanchoi Silk Sarees online at Sacred Weaves

Sacred Weaves gives you the widest range of sarees to choose from and promises to deliver them to you whenever you want in the best condition without any delays. The collection of Tanchoi silk sarees online offered by Sacred Weaves is a class apart and no other store on the internet compares to them. If you have been sitting on it to buy banarasi sarees online this is your chance to get the best deal at Sacred Weaves, as not only do they make your online shopping experience comfortable but their sarees are also more affordable than any other site. The banarasi roots of Sacred Weaves ensures the genuineness of their banarasi silk sarees. The tanchoi sarees available at Sacred Weaves are created with a exclusive technique which involves the use of an extra weft string making their weave the smoothest. Sacred Weaves’s tanchoi silk sarees are exceptionally soft.

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