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Raashii Khanna radiates regality in our Brocade Banarasi

For times immemorial, Banarasi handwoven and then handloom sarees and attires were either worn by Dieties and hence were called Dev Vastra, or were worn by the royals and elites of the society. The natural fabric, with its soft sheen and in bright colours used to make for the best Occasional attires. Nowadays, the same impact is carried when the celebrities wear silk. A similar glamourous effect was created as Raashii Khanna radiates regality in our brocade banarasi. Though we are always meticulous in curating our collection, Sacred Weaves feels another charm added to our efforts when popular femina of today wear our sarees.

Brocade Banarasi – A weave fit for royalty

Silk in itself has a soft luster of its own and if it is handwoven or handloom spun, the texture has a charm which allows a wonderful play of light on it. If you add the gorgeous metal threadwork woven on it then you should see how the light bounces off of it and spreads through the entire yardage. This is probably just how us at Sacred Weaves gush about the banarasi handloom silk sarees, and more so if it has brocade added to it.

The Brocade is a technique where metal thread work is used across the body of the saree in a dense pattern of natural elements like floral vines, leaves, buta patterns, and more. The border usually carries a contrast vertical direction to the body and has geometrically arranged natural floral depictions throughout. Does this sound close to the saree that Raashii Khanna dazzled in? Maybe, but let us discuss the saree and her look in detail.

Mustard Yellow Banarasi Brocade Saree for Raashii

This subtitle does sound quite rhythmic, and why should it not be! The saree in question is in itself a poetry of its own.

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Here is the detail.

The richly darker mustard tone of the base of the saree has a great charm of its own. The colour remains vibrant and yet adorns a different sophistication because we know how yellow can be a complex colour which needs to be balanced and not look haughty or even disturbing to the eyes. While adding the sophistication, mustard yellow also has the nature’s fertility and the whole Basant Ritu vibes written all over it. If it stopped at that, our master artisans went steps ahead and made Mother Nature a fine dedication through this saree. They used dense brocade work on the entire body. The colour of the thread, a softer beaten gold tone, adds the sheen and also maintains the contrast with the mustard yellow in the base.

Raashii Khanna- Look book in Mustard yellow Brocade saree

Raashii Khanna is a famous actresswho is known for her charming presence on screen while effortlessly slaying her roles. But when it comes to her style statement, she has a very elegant take on it. This ensemble is quite the reflection of our statement.


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Raashii is wearing the mustard yellow handloom brocade banarasi silk saree with a matching blouse in cut sleeves. The short and delicate sleeved blouse is allowing her figure to shine through without making the saree hide her persona For jewelry, she has opted for a delicate necklace..With a statement ring adorning the hand that flaunts the open pallu, her other wrist is looking more delicate with the stack of kadas. The bindi and the neat updo of her hair are just perfect.

Final Address – Raashii Khanna inspired Festive Look

If you are a wedding guest, or if it is a wedding in your own family or if you are a minimalistic bride looking for a reception or engagement look, Raashii Khanna has essayed the look just for you. The saree with more toned down jewelry will make for a perfect official party wear as well. Sacred Weaves just wants you all to look perfect and if finding this saree is a problem, find us on our website to be more specific and let us help you bedazzle too.

Sacred Weaves

For decades JDS Banaras has promoted the cause of banarasi handloom saree and their heritage heirloom value and as their online avatar Sacred Weaves plays a great role. Ensuring that globally every woman has access to a banarasi for their occasion specific demands and be a patron of this ancient weave. For all your katan silk demands, visit our website Sacred Weaves and purchase the saree with our online shopping assistance.