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Styling tips for Bottle Green Banarasi Silk Sarees for Special Occasions

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The Ganpati utsave just brushed past and festivals are all round the corner and you need sarees in colors that are traditional, yet not typical pinks and reds. You basically want to do what you would love to do, that is, stand out of the crowd. This is a very good decision if you ask us, because at Sacred Weaves we really believe that sarees in whatever color is the easiest ornament to make the feminine charm shine; especially if the colors are different than the usual, we believe that the magic is sealed. So for today’s read, we have specified one color. It is Bottle Green Banarasi silk sarees for special occasions and what inspired us was a special celebrity look to dive deeper into our own collection and come up with choices for you.

Celebrity in Bottle green banarasi silk saree

We keep an eye on the popular Indian beauties and these two caught our eyes for all the right reasons. One is the intellectually empowered Sayani Gupta and the other is our forever glamour goddess Deepika Padukone.

Sayani Gupta, of the Four More Shots fame did an amazing look as a wedding guest. She wore a bottle green banarasi silk saree with a maching plain silk blouse, wore a choker necklace and with her neatly cut short hair, wore amatching bindi. She let the saree take center stage as it had beaten gold color zari buta work all over the saree with a plain zari border and simple border in pallu.

Sayani Gupta in Banarasi Saree

Deepika Padukone is one of the best silk saree ambassadors, after Rekha ji of course. The Padmavat queen wore a bottle green banarasi saree to an event and look like the Nature Queen as the saree had spaced floral and buta work, with a floral and plain gold combination border. She wore gold jewels and her balloon sleeved blouse in a leafy green was all green-on-green slayed well.

Deepika Padukon in green banarasi saree

We can write volumes about these two women and their looks, but for now we will focus on how you can choose a bottle green banarasi saree for special occasions.

Bottle Green Uppada Katan Silk

Uppada is a beautiful weave. This weave involves the traditional and popular Bengali jamdani weaves with the silk and zari artistry of banarasi handloom. This is a perfect amalgamation where motifs inspired from nature, be it the florals or vines, are designed in a very geometrically cohesive fashion. The original jamdani work comes in stiff cotton and was once accessible to the elite, however when married to silk, the end result is very regal look. You can either exercise your imagination, or check our collection, but this weave exuberates royalty when in bottle green color. The dark green color in the neat geometric floral patterns gives a very organized and authoritative look to the wearer, who need not even stand under a chandelier to grab attention.

bottle green banarasi silk saree

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Flowy Bottle Green Bandhej Silk Sarees

Among the flowy options available, you can opt for a banarasi bandhej silk saree. The special part about this the classic bandhej patterns have been integrated with the banarasi motifs and the light golden threads highlight the dark allure of bottle green, almost giving a blackish-green tone to the saree. This saree becomes an absolute best choice for those that love the darker shades and yet want to avoid black.  


Bottle green Banarasi Bandhej Saree

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Brocade Katan Silk saree: when bottle green dazzles

 Let us show you a picture first.

Bottle Green Banarasi Brocade silk saree


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This view in itself can draw paragraphs of description. Salute to the artist and his/her artistry! The brocade work has a real splendor and when it comes in such all-over-the-body floral jaal work, intricately woven floral golden border and Mughal floral motifs on the pallu, this becomes fit for an empress. In an original katan silk, this brocade work bottle green silk saree is a perfect choice for an unconventional bride who loves green, or maybe for her first Diwali or Vat Savitri puja. This is a saree which can make you shine like the true divine aura that resides in you.

Bottle Green Banarasi Satin Silk Saree:

Do you want to look like a flourishing Forest Goddess with golden fireflies on your body? Sounds surreal, but it will look beautiful. A satin silk bottle green banarasi handloom saree has a glossier sheen to the color. Add to this satin sheen a plain and floral combination golden border and pallu, and the body covered in golden paisley or pear motifs is a perfect evening party wear.

Bottle Green Banarasi Satin Silk Saree


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Final Address:

Bottle Green is a color that is effortlessly chic and when combined with the finesse of the Banarasi silk handloom weaving, it becomes a powerful combination. This is almost like nature being mirrored and for the dendrophiles out there, these sarees can also become the perfect pre-wedding or photo shoot ensembles. We would be delighted to see you don these and tell us if you liked our suggestions.

JDS Banaras:

Not just greens, but JDS Banaras has a plethora of colors in the various traditional and modern silken weaves in the heritage banarasi handloom silk fabrics and sarees. Serving the saree lovers for more than a century, they guide the online child Sacred Weaves, but continues to serve every wholesaler and retailer and individual buyer who walks into their Rathyatra store with a traditional humility. JDS Banaras has created an impression in the hearts of all who visit as they turn every customer into a part of their family and thus build newer stories of deeper trust.


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