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Madhuri Dixit and Lezelle Dsouza Wearing Banarasi Sarees


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Sarees never have had a better dream run in the past decade than it has now and we must really thank social media for it. This is helping women see the glamour in this eternally beautiful attire that can be restyled and repurposed in many ways, and we have only begun to re-embrace our traditions. The Ganesh Chaturthi times are here and celebrities worship Bappa with all their fervor, seeking His divine blessings for their years ahead and career success. There are high-end celebrity celebrations and there are popular Ganapati pandals and temples in Mumbai where the B-town celebrities show themselves in full regality. There are two celebrity looks in banarasis that we must talk about and appreciate, because when such popular names as Madhuri Dixit Nene and Lezelle D’souza Wear Banarasi Sarees, they uphold the cause of the handloom industry, and our efforts find a reflection of support and success.

Chandramukhi dons a Green Banarasi Saree

Remember the Devdas song ‘humpe ye kisne hara rang dala’? It seems like Madhuri Dixit Nene, who flawlessly essayed the role of the Chandramukhi from Sonarganchhi in the Hindi recreation of Saratchandra’s Devdas, has fondly remembered her sharp but humane look in that green.

Madhuri Dixit in Green Banarasi Saree

To attend the Ganapati puja at the Ambani’s Antilla, Mrs Nene was spotted posing for the paparazzi with her husband Dr. Nene and that too she shone like an uncut green emerald in a beautiful buta work banarasi silk saree. This was definitely not the first time a star wore a green banarasi and we will come to that later, but the way each celebrity adds their own persona to this age-old heirloom is rather striking.

Truth be told, Sacred Weaves is in awe. The green accentuates her already flawless persona and gives her a very nature-loving vibe at the same time. Maybe, if asked to play the role of goddess of forest or Diana, she can very well wear this whole ensemble and vow the audience effortlessly.

Madhuri Dixit’s Green Banarasi Ganapati Look

The look is quite simple yet charming. The saree has a golden buta work all over and a simple golden border. But what seems simple to the eyes is meticulous work of perfection. This beautiful saree she paired with a sleeveless blouse in a matching green with the saree. Her bun hairdo with a few lose strands for tease, here beautiful yet simple gold jewels and drop earrings and subtle makeup, everything matched her alluring smile. This look can inspire those who wonder what to wear for an environment-themed wedding, because green is a very nurturing shade.

Lezelle Dsouza in a Green Banarasi Pashmina

Oh she could slay!

When the Instagram star and the wife of famous choreographer Remo Dsouza, Lezelle Dsouza posted her Ganapati Puja look, we were in awe.

If the readers have not checked, we already have our own Pashmina silk banarasi sarees, which you can buy, but we shall talk about that later because right now it is all about Lezelle.

Lezelle Dsouza in a Green Banarasi Pashmina

She is pretty and that’s true, but the dark green, almost an onyx or forest green shade she chose for her banarasi handloom saree was good to steal hearts. But instead of wearing it in louder metallic work, she chose the legendary classy Pashmina weave. This was all the oomph we could have asked for. She wrote a quote with her picture ‘Smile because u never know who is falling for it’, and yes, we fell for it.

Posing in a Green Pashmina Banarasi Saree

Nothing too fancy, just the blouse that matches the border, but that is the fancy! It has a seamlessness to itself that resembles that calm on her face. Nice big chandelier earrings, playing hide-n-seek in her blown dry chestnut hair, but she has kept her neck free from any necklace. However it is the muted copper, red and beige threadwork that we can see in the saree that attracts our eyes. There are Mughal floral motifs throughout the border with bigger floral motifs on the body of the saree. The blouse also has a fail play of motifs that match. The work is so fine that unless you are a connoisseur, you will not be able to appreciate all that artwork. Didn’t we say before, simplicity comes from meticulousness! This also proves us right.

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Final Address:

Sacred Weaves is grateful to Madhuri Dixit and Lizelle Dsouza. These charming goddesses have given a good boost to the handloom industry and banarasi handloom herniate and artisans by wearing these beautiful green sarees. Their looks speak of their own aura and the enchanting Indian goddess energy they adorned has shone through. Their looks can be spoken in volumes because these green banarasi sarees are art pieces that found their right matches, and yes we are celebrating that.

JDS Banaras:

Sacred Weaves promises unparalleled online banarasi saree shopping experiences to all the Banarasi aficionados. However, they are emulating what they have seen JDS Banaras do throughout the century and more of being the lovers and promoters of the Banarasi handloom weave. The Rathyatra store leaves every visitor spell-bound when they look at their authentic and exquisite collection. JDS Banaras hopes and succeeds to make every patron, client and industry-mate a part of their family, be it selling in retail or as a renowned wholesaler.