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Flat 30% Off Sale, Ending 30th June!

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Teej – Time for Indian Festivities and Banarasi Weaves

One of the most attractive and graceful pieces of clothing in the world, Indian saree is not only worn by women across India, but it has even gained international customers mainly due to the rising popularity of ethnic wears across the world.

India is a land of festivals and Indians living all around the world makes sure that they celebrate every festival with the same joy and enthusiasm, with which it is celebrated in India. Fashion is an integral part of such festivals. In India, Saree is the most common form of fashion during festivities. Be it Diwali, Navaratri or Teej, one can always find an Indian woman draped beautifully with a 6-yard wonder.

Not just in India, but Indian women celebrating festivals in other countries as well, do not miss out on the opportunity to wear saree. The festival of Teej marks the starting of various festivals to be celebrated in the country, one after the other, and it is the time when women across the country and overseas start prepping for their traditional look.

Banarasi Saree for Teej

Indian festivities sarees tend to be beautiful, bright and elegant. These are meant to be draped for an auspicious occasion and thus tend to have a fancy, yet traditional look. The design and hues which are used to decorate the pure Banarasi Sarees often reflect the cheer and joy that accompanies the festive season.

Indian women like to get draped in vibrant color sarees as they participate in different festival activities. During the festival of Teej, they like to wear elegant and fine-looking red-colored Banarasi Silk Saree lined with Golden Zari work that fits well with the custom of offering prayers to God – for the wellbeing of their husband.

Shop Banarasi Sarees online

Banarasi weave is the perfect preening partner for any festivals and thus the reason why it is so popular among women in India and overseas. The intricate nature of these weaves makes it the go-to saree for every occasion.

Even numerous Bollywood divas did not sway away from donning the beautiful colors of Banarasi sarees during various Indian festivals. Having said that, if you are wondering what to wear during the festival of Teej – pure Banarasi sarees is the perfect choice to make.

At Sacred Weaves, you can find various styles of designs and colors of handwoven pure Banarasi sarees. You can even find the elegant red and pink Banarasi saree that serves perfectly for an occasion like Teej.

And if you are a Husband, wondering what to gift your better half on the occasion of Teej – there is nothing better than a Banarasi Silk Saree that can only enrich their beauty. Visit sacredweaves.com now, and get access to the wide collection of sarees. Buy Banarasi sarees online for Teej day at sacredweaves.com.