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Weave The Festive Spirit with the Iconic Banarasi Saree

The Banarasi saree is the essence of femininity which enhances the fragrance of beauty to bring out the very best of women draped in it. The magnificence of these sarees adds an appealing spark to their aura. An integral part of a women’s coveted wardrobe, the Banarasi Saree is a reflection of the Indian values, tradition and ethos. Now a days the handloom silk sarees of Varanasi are a style statement of fashionistas and women across the country and abroad. The fascination of Banarasi silk sarees is largely because of their uniqueness in terms of design, colour combination and patterns. The hand woven silk saree is made with love by a passionate master weaver with years of expertise in weaving subtle designs that create the magic of the famed Banarasi silk. What if you helped yourself to a collection of the elegant sarees of Varanasi that the weavers have to offer in vivid shades? Let us take you through a few of the diverse range of Banarasi silk sarees.

Banarasi brocade sarees: These sarees are woven on traditional hand loom where in an additional weft made of gold or silver also known as zari is used to facilitate the creation of different patterns. In any jacquard weaving the supplementary weft used to create motifs is called a brocade weave. A silk fabric is woven by the alternate interplay of the warp and the weft. In a brocade saree besides the primary weft an add on weft of gold or silver thread is used by the craftsmen to create designs that is independent of the ground.

The Banarasi brocade silk sarees are of two types:

  • Kadhua brocade saree
  • Fekua brocade saree

Kadhua brocade saree: In this silk brocade, the additional gold or silver weft does not run across the width of the saree. The master craftsman weaves each pattern or motif individually, along with the fabric thereby creating a distinct look of the design on the base. It is a weaving technique that gives the look of exquisite hand embroidery. Notably there are no loose threads that are extra floating in the weft. This results in making a prominent motif and moreover helps in providing creative liberty with regard to the number of colours that can be used in the pattern. Such a Banarasi silk brocade saree is very comfortable because there are no brocade thread cuts at the back of the fabric.

Fekua brocade saree: In this continuous silk brocade the extra weft runs from one end to the other weaving patterns or motifs across the width of the saree. When the motifs are small these are additional floating weft on the backside of the saree. These wefts are carefully clipped off after the weaving is complete. The Banarasi silk sarees of this kind are often called cut work or katrauna.

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