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Surprise Your Sister with Luxurious Raksha Bandhan Gifts: A Guide from Sacred Weaves

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She might have annoyed you the most as the younger one or probably the youngest, or maybe she was the protective shield who never let you down during your break-ups and sneaking movie trips, all in all, she never had anything but the best interest for you in her mind. This is what a bond between siblings is like, the worst of foes when sharing parent’s love, best of friends when standing tall against outsiders, and the best critics and enthusiasm boosts when the choices are to be made. Times may have changed, but the bond remains special and we Indians, never needed a special Western idea to celebrate our familial bonds — Raksha bandhan or Rakhi is a proof of it. To cherish this bond, Sacred Weaves suggests that you Surprise your sister with luxurious Raksha Bandhan gifts from our SW Gifts collections.

Let us open the doors to a gifting bonanza which shall make it hassle-free for you to buy a luxury gift for your sister.

Surprise Gifts for Your Sister on raksha bandhan with Heritage splendor

special gift for raksha bandhan

We know brands love to help you decide on gifts and we think on the same lines, but with a twist. We would address another point. How about you proving to be a patron and protector of an Indian heritage art and weave while also pleasing your sister with a gift she would cherish and love whenever she pulls out these pieces of treasures from her wardrobe. As we see it, it shall be a memory for years hereafter, and her face will beam with pride remembering your gesture, after all a surprise gift is a lot more about the memories it creates and the intention of the giver.

Our advice, gift your sister the gift of a Banarasi silk that is a tale of silken threads woven into beautiful drapes to accentuate her feminine aura and charm. This Raksha bandhan, you can arrange for a luxurious surprise gift for your sister with the timeless luxury of a handloom silk attire.

Luxury Gift for your Sister with “SW Gifts”: A pre-curated segment

SW Gifts is a unique gifting solution for the busy brothers and sisters or for those who really do not know where to buy the best silk gifts for their loved ones. What we at Sacred Weaves guarantee is an unmatched quality of pre-curated and pre-coordinated sets for you.

How can we help?

Easy for us to answer. The SW gifts include dupattas, suits, and matched saree sets. All you have to do is visit our SW Gift Collection and pick what you want to buy.

Festive-ready Surprise gift:Banarasi Dupattas

Banarasi Dupatta - luxury gift for sister

Your sister is maybe a lover of all things fine and loves to play around with the fashion statements. We have two suggestions here. If she is a minimalist and likes one opulent piece in the complete look, how about a luxury gift for your sister in the form of a Plain Banarasi silk Dupatta or heavy Shikargah and Brocade Dupatta! The dupatta gives her a flexibility to pair with multiple suits and even the dupatta and saree drape that is trending will be a piece of cake, all thanks to your dexterity.

Banarasi Dupattas

However, if she is someone who likes minimalistic pieces that can be used in different combinations and have multiple uses, you can opt for the less festive Konia silk dupatta sets and it shall be her go-to pieces in her wardrobe. These sets come in vibrant color selections, and she can use these with her plain suit sets or even plan double dupatta looks for the festive occasions with her ornate silks.

Who knows, maybe she will be enjoying the spotlight wherever she goes because her sibling has the best surprise gift for her.

Ethnic yet Convenient: Banarasi Suits

Banarasi Suits

For the ethnic loving sister who may already have her own reason to boast of Banarasi patronage in her wardrobe, you can probably give a luxurious surprise gift. A Banarasi katan silk suit in striking bright color combinations would get to become the talk of the town in whichever social event she wears it and when she would announce ‘this was my surprise rakhi gift this year’ the credits for the gorgeous luxurious gift will be yours to credit. Don’t worry, we wouldn’t steal your moment of fame, in fact we would be the happiest to help.

Banarasi Suit

However, let us say your sister flaunts ethnics at her workplace so you plan on gifting something traditional and handloom and yet lighter, maybe we can interest you in a chanderi or tussar silk suit set, or maybe a pastel linen handloom suit. Whichever you opt, she would definitely show up and the world would reckon with her intellectual might and that suit will be the befitting accompaniment.

Surprise your Sister with a Handloom Banarasi Saree

Handloom Banarasi Saree

It is the holy month of Shrawan or Saavan as most of us know, and on the day of Purnima when your sister ties the holy thread full of promises and best wishes, how about a luxury gift for your sister on this occasion a beautiful white or ivory Banarasi handloom silk saree for the cool and pretty sister of yours! However, if your sister is married and giving a lighter color could be considered a taboo, you can opt for a beautiful dark color saree in meenakari work and trust us, this surprise special raksha bandhan gift will make her face beam up with a joy that even the celestial moon could watch with joy.

Handloom Banarasi Saree

You can opt for lighter and more elegantly modern fabrics like Organza or satin silk in any colour and woven pattern of your choice, for instance you can opt for a turquoise blue organza and add to the elegant adornment. The best part is that these are heirlooms, so when she hands it to her own daughter or maybe another younger lady, she will boast with pride how it was a surprise gift from you.

Final Thoughts

Surprising your sister on Rakhi would be the best part and what’s better than plan already! We have some helping tips for you so that your sister also becomes the proud owner of a royal gift from her dear sibling/cousin. These gifts will become heirlooms telling stories of your bond and embed the idea of love and promises for generations to come!

JDS Banaras

JDS Banaras has been enthralling the women and silk lovers of this world for more than a century with their charming collection of silks. And to further this charm, they have Sacred Weaves, an online outlet for their Banarasi sarees, suits, lehengas, and more. The century old establishment, JDS upholds its promise and serves its clients with an elegant collection befitting for any occasion in demand. When you step into the Rathyatra store, you step into a charming culture where client is treasured as family and all their Banarasi handloom demands are met without batting an eyelid. This offline shopping experience is worth exploring at the heart of Varanasi.