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Flat 25% Off Sale + Complimentary Stitching on Selected Products

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Monsoon Malhar and Banarasi Sarees

The dusts settle, the warm loo gives way to the cool breeze and the earth gets its soul back when crystal-like beautiful water drops fall from the laden heavy clouds and thus, Monsoons arrive. Monsoons, the weather when even the sun and moon both accept the dominance of the clouds and every leaf on the trees and roads and rooftops shine with falling water drops from the sky. From times immemorials, we have revered Monsoons through literature and art, be it ragas or genius like Meghadoot.

The essence of rain can be enjoyed even through your attire, mainly sarees. What can add more color to this romantic weather than a saree! That’s what Sacred Weaves feels.

Ganga Ghat and Banarasi in Monsoon

Let us draw some visuals for you. The age-old pristine Ghats of Benaras, overlooking the Ganga and you walking on the ghats, barefoot while enjoying the drizzle. What completes this picture is a light sea-green Banarasi organza saree with minimal jewelry and you might suddenly look like an Indian version of Ariel to the beholders. 

Blue Organza Saree

A blue organza is also a perfect adornment for viewing rains from home and envision a romantic date with nature, or maybe your lover. Enigmatic!

Monsoon romance in lighter fabrics

For the world, red might be the color of romance. Not that we deny it, but then romance can also be expressed through other colors, for example, an aqua blue or even a midnight blue. For instance, you have an invite for a dreamy rainy night date and a flowy satin silk weave in a blue comes to your rescue. The fabric drapes itself around you and with a floating pallu with a soft satin-silk sheen adds a charm to the experience. The fabric has a flowy lightness that helps you dance to the rhythm of the night. It is soft fabric that saves your feeling stuffy in the moisture laden atmosphere.

Banarasi Satin Silk Saree

Monsoons can even bring celebratory occasions where you might attend a classical art gathering or you yourself are a performer at a concert and need the perfect ensemble to pay an ode to the weather and draw inspiration from it too. We suggest you to opt for the khaddi georgette fabric, known for its lightness and yet enhanced with the several motifs or patterns, looks nothing short of the original katan silk. Wish to grab the spotlight? A banarasi georgette saree in a blue adds a magnetic aura while wrapping you in its soft splendor. This fabric could also be your choice for a Monsoon wedding, be it as an attendee or a bride/groom squad.

Banarasi Georgette Silk Saree

Crepe the way to charm

Whenever you look at a monsoon sky, all you see is a grey sky promising to get the whole environment wrapped in its penumbra. Everything grey is not dull though. Look at your garden and you will see how your flowers react to wispy grey clouds. Imagine a grey in our banarasi crepe silk saree! Crepe sarees, much like its edible French brethren, is soft and light and easy to drape and for the Instagram loving dancers who wish to record a monsoon performance, this combination is a hit. Crepes are elegant, soft and a non-clingy fabric that is beautiful to see and smooth to the skin.

Banarasi Crepe Silk Saree

Greens for the leaves

One thing we cannot miss out on is how leaves shine as the rainwater bathe them clean. The sight is prettier to behold if a water drop nestles on the smooth or velveteen lap of a leaf. If you are also a dendrophile and would love to carry the soft sheen of a clean green leaf, you can happily wear a green crepe handloom silk saree or a satin silk saree, and style it with contrasting accessories to beam like a fashion icon. Just a small tip, go less on ornate accessories to look weather perfect.

Green Banarasi Satin Silk Saree

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Monsoon is a season of nurture and nature and your elegance deserves drapes that suit your feminine aura and adds to the charm and romance of this beautiful weather. We listed a few suggestions but we know, whichever drape you choose, your prowess shall shine through in these rim-jhim times.

About Sacred Weaves

Sacred Weaves is nurtured under the banyan-like shade of a century old JDS Banaras, a name reckoned by thousands of saree lovers. At Sacred Weaves there is a select range of sarees, dupattas, lehengas, blouses, and more where each piece is bespoke and the curated pieces will leave you spoiled for choices. You can even order gifts with the touch of heritage handloom weaves, and everything a tap away on your phone and laptop screens.