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Fashion Forward: Modern Twists on Traditional White Banarasi Sarees with Golden Borders

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White — the color of peace and calm that radiates and reflects the sun’s light without absorbing its harmful rays is revered across cultures for its symbolism of purity. People usually look at the West for the white wedding attire trend, but we forget how in Assam and Kerala, the shades of white are adorned gracefully by the women, even in their celebratory attires. For the fashion forward women of today, there are banarasi white silk sarees with opulent gold borders to claim the supremacy of white. To read more about this color and how it has found its presence in the world of banarasi sarees, we urge you to read this piece Fashion Forward: Modern Twists on traditional White Banarasi Sarees with golden borders, where the twist could be a tribute to the Kerala and Assam weaves that combine the two colors. Sacred Weaves is happy to help you understand this new generation trend better.

Contemporary fashion trends embracing the beauty of these sarees

We love our celebrities and we try to emulate their looks when paparazzi captures these in their lenses. So, the internet was blown when Karishma Kapoor stepped into the limelight wearing a white handloom banarasi saree complete with a golden border and artistically designed buta designs throughout.

Karishma Kapoor in White Banarasi Saree

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Completing her look she opted for classic large choker, stud earrings, bindi, bangle, and softly decorated bun.

Her look was everything a modern queen would adorn.

Southern Indian actress Lakshmi Manchu also wore a gold border decked ivory banarasi saree with an emerald and diamond twist to the jewelry.

Lakshmi Manchu in White and Gold color banarasi saree

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Do you also wish to become a saree enthusiast and trendsetter and inspire all the ladies in your circle with your class apart statement?

If your answer is in the affirmative, then Sacred Weave has the answers all set for you.

Be Fashion Forward with Banarasi silk saree in gold border

White is a timeless color that has been favored by actors and leaders for ages, even the divine have loved the color. White has that beautiful edge where it can take a border in any color and make it a look of its own, but when white gets a golden border then royalty is born with a demure aura as pure and holy as a Goddess’ with a halo of her own. To help the fashion forward goddesses of today, Sacred Weaves bring forth its own collection, where white in various hues has beautiful gold borders and these you can shop online.

Embrace the beauty of White handloom silk saree

Heading out to an evening rendezvous with your loved one in a beautiful setting is promised, we can suggest you can pick a beautiful white handloom silk banarasi organza saree with a soft alluring gold border and small buta motifs. Drape it in the traditional nivi style with a soft pearl white blouse and a set of delicate jewels to make it look like the goddess of constellations come to earth.

White handloom banarasi organza saree with golden border

Regale like a Royal

The dating time is over by now and you are a white loving bride. Worry not. A subtle ivory would adorn you better in case there are older thoughts challenging your white wisdom. The ivory silk handloom saree with a variety of motifs and a dull golden border can bring out a very classic charm of its own. For the jewelry choice, temple jewelry or maybe antique gold jewels from your grandmother and mother’s closet can adorn you the best because something borrowed is an heirloom blessing from generations. The mandap will be happy to welcome you in all its glory as the flowers and the holy vows await you. Keep your makeup minimal and Sacred Weaves promises you a magical memory for years to come.

White Banarasi Saree with Golden Border

White handloom silk saree with gold border for a fashion forward Christian bride

The aisle is lined with white lilies and pink roses, and you need a jaw-dropping entry where your purity shines forth. Your bridal saree can add to that desire. A soft satin silk saree with a string of polka or diamonds will help you be the resplendent bride. Add to it an organza or tissue handloom silk veil in white and add a few soft white flowers to your hairdo. The look we suggest is simple, but believe us you will be the purest vision in white adding to the sanctity of the church.

Winter wonder in handloom silk

We can advise you another option. There is a beautiful white new addition in pashmina silk where we have a contrast border with hues of reds and golds imbibed for that comfortable winter party wear. Look your best and shop on Sacred Weaves.

Final words

White is not just a color, it is a sentiment that defines many beautiful and calming emotions with an attention that it claims. The gold border adds a befitting testimony of purity meets grandeur and this always makes it a statement for the contemporary saree enthusiast and fashion aficionado. Look gorgeous in our white silk handloom sarees with gold borders.

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