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Classic Banarasi Tussar Silk Sarees

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Epitome of traditional wear: Banarasi Tussar Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are a thing of great importance in a woman’s wardrobe. An exceptional variety of these is the banarasi tussar silk saree. The larvae of Silk worms belonging to the moth family tree, is used in the production of Banarasi tussar silk sarees. The incredible beauty of these sarees is to die for. Banarasi tussar silk sarees lie at the very top of women’s wishlists and are therefore in great demand. You may buy banarasi tussar silk sarees online on sites such as Sacred Weaves to stay up to date with the changing fashion scenario. India produces banarasi tussar silk sarees at a large scale, and is their second-largest manufacturer in the world. If you are of the many admirers of tussar banarasi sarees read on below to know more about them, and find many more reasons to buy banarasi tussar silk sarees online.

Why are Banarasi Tussar Silk Sarees so valuable? 

Silk sarees, especially banarasi ones, have a unique charm which makes them magnificent. Banarasi tussar silk sarees, like their name suggests, are made in Varanasi – the holy city. It’s the banarasi traditions that inspire the production of banarasi tussar silk sarees. When the heritage of the banarasi weaving style is combined with tussar silk, an evolved form of the classic drapes emerges which is none other than the banarasi tussar silk sarees. Banarasi tussar silk sarees are one of a kind, this is due to their profound texture and their abundance of gold designs. Out of the various kinds of banarasi silk that exist, banarasi tussar silk sarees are the most desirable, their specialty being the majestic gold zari work. Sacred weaves has the best collection of banarasi tussar silk sarees online and offers many options for you. These gold toned sarees are extremely valuable and are believed to be unearthed during the medieval era. Tussar banarasi sarees outdo mulberry silk both in quality and eminence. The nature inspired motifs look outstanding on the gold themed base of the banarasi tussar silk sarees that you find online. Flowers and their buds, trees, leaves, bels act as a speck of influence in the making of banarasi tussar silk sarees. Intense labour goes into the making of one banarasi tussar silk saree. You’ll be enchanted by the remarkable diversity of banarasi tussar silk sarees found online on Sacred Weaves.

Why buy Banarasi tussar silk sarees online?

The feature that makes banarasi tussar silk sarees stand out is its sturdy fabric. Banarasi tussar silk sarees are recommended to be worn in winters and autumn. Apart from this, Sacred Weaves also have Paper Tusser Silk Sarees which can be worn in summer. Buy banarasi tussar silk sarees online to forgo clichés and stay fashionable. One can never go wrong with a tussar banarasis saree as the fabric is irresistible. No other silk saree is as amazing as a banarasi tussar silk saree. Stay in touch with traditions by buying banarasi tussar silk sarees online from the best collection at Sacred Weaves and draping a fusion of honorary motifs and tussar fabric. Not only are the sarees at Sacred Weaves beautiful, but they are more affordable than any other site or shop. There are so many banarasi tussar silk sarees for you to choose from online that you are sure to be enchanted by their beauty. Every occasion becomes remarkable when you are draped in a banarasi tussar silk saree.

Purchasing banarasi tussar silk sarees online keeps you ahead of everyone in the fashion game, as you will find the latest ones on the internet.

Online shopping saves you a lot of time as there is no need for store hopping and haggling with shopkeepers, you already get access to the latest trends at reasonable prices. Browse through the internet for the best banarasi tussar silk sarees from the comfort of your home and receive the ones you like right at your doorstep, what more could one ask for?

The most trustworthy website for banarasi tussar silk saree online shopping is Sacred Weaves which carries the legacy of JDS Varanasi, which has been a part of the textile industry for more than 100 years. You won’t be able to let go of their amazing collection of sarees, without buying one. Today, Sacred Weaves trusted and loved by millions of women worldwide, is the most popular e-commerce store for shopping Banarasi sarees online.

The list of advantages of buying a banarasi tussar silk saree is endless. They are easily maintained, which is a cherry on top. Although you shall not let your saree get stained. Make sure to get your saree dry cleaned at regular intervals of 3 months so that it doesn’t lose its shine. This helps it stay evergreen.

Which Banarasi Tussar Silk Sarees To Buy Online and How to Style Them

There are various shades and tones of Banarasi tusser silk sarees online to buy from. Statement patterns along with intricate gold zari work make them beautiful as ever. The graceful flower designs and classic patterns define banarasi tussar silk saree. Since these sarees are so irresistible you must know how to find your perfect match. Sacred Weaves has got your back, you’ll come across more than one saree to get your hands on and show off at special events. Mentioned below are the most graceful banarasi tussar silk sarees online at Sacred Weaves to give you a head start :

  • Beige Handloom Banarasi Tussar Silk Saree

  • Made with genuine tussar silk, this saree is an eye-catcher. Its body is covered with meenakari. Its gold zari border and pallu make it classy and elegant. When wearing this saree you are sure to get many compliments. Pair it with a contrasting blouse and dainty earrings to complete your look.
  • Dark Pink Handloom Banarasi Tussar Silk Saree

  • This beautiful beige saree has a dark pink border and pallu. The colour combination is chic and adds to the saree’s (and your) grace. Drape this saree easily, and there’s nothing more you’ll need to make people stare.
  • Pink Meenakari Booti Banarasi Tussar Silk saree

  • The colour pink never goes out of style, just like tussar silk, it gives the saree a youthful look. The resham and classical zari work paired with meenakari makes this saree the most fashionable. This tussar silk saree is highly valuable due to the difficult and time taking meenakari that decorates it.
  • Beige Mustard Banarasi Tussar Silk Saree

  • This is a classic tussar silk saree, eternally stylish. Embellished eith gold zari work, this banarasi tussar silk saree will look good on any one. The mustard border and pallu add a pop of colour to your outfit. The gold tones in the saree against mustard and beiges ones, make it (and you) glimmer.
  • Pista Green Meenakari Booti Banarasi Tussar Silk Saree

  • This saree has the most beautiful colour contrast. The pista green body and bright pink broad border make it absolutely stunning to look at and wear. You will look like a fashionista when draped in this saree, just pair it with a matching blouse, and you’re good to go.
  • Beige-Green Banarasi Tussar Silk Saree

  • Beige and green look great together and add a certain elegance to the saree. The zari work adds to its glory. Wear this saree to add a pleasant twist to any usual day.
  • Black Meenakari Banarasi Tussar Silk Saree

  • The colour of this saree in itself is the most classy. Added to that is the resham and quaint floral zari work, which make it an absolute work of art. The meenakari work on this saree has been in practice since ages, its ruby coloured pallu is outstanding. All in all this saree is highly desirable and a wardrobe must-have.
  • Beige Teal Banarasi Tussar Silk Saree

  • The vivid colour on a neutral toned background looks gorgeous. This saree can be worn to day time occasions. The gold zari booti work makes the wearer shine bright, while the teal zari broad border and pallu add tranquility to the look.
  • Beige Black Banarasi Tussar Silk Saree

  • The colour scheme on this saree is ageless. Pair it with a black blouse and gold toned earrings for evening occasions to look sophisticated yet debonair.

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