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Handloom Banarasi Dupattas

Buy Handloom Banarasi Dupattas Online and stand out from the crowd

Apart from its cultural heritage, Varanasi is famous worldwide for its superior quality silk. Banarasi silk is distinguished and comes in various forms such as sarees and dupattas. Sarees are a popular choice, but banarasi silk dupattas hold a special place in every woman’s wardrobe. While buying a banarasi silk saree requires commitment, purchasing a banarasi dupatta online saves the day and enhances your outfit with effortless ease. If you crave for banarasi silk, but don’t want to spend a fortune, find a banarasi dupatta online at sites such as Sacred Weaves. If there’s something that makes Sacred Weaves the most reliable platform to shop for banarasi dupatta online, it’s the fact that both the venture, and banarasi dupattas, originate from the city of temples – Varanasi. A banarasi silk dupatta looks equally astonishing at a price that’s way less than your typical nine yard saree. If a dupatta is what you want, buy a banarasi dupatta online to fulfill your desire and trust it to make you feel classy.

What are Banarasi Dupattas?

Made in the holy city of Varanasi, pure banarasi dupattas have gained popularity and are on every silk enthusiasts’ wishlist. The sole focus of banarasi weavers used to be banarasi silk sarees as they have been traditionally worn by women since centuries. Silk holds high value and is a symbol of cultural preservation and festivity. As years passed the banarasi weave has evolved and now incorporates various versions of silk to choose from including pure banarasi dupattas. There are many banarasi dupattas online, on sites such as Sacred Weaves, for you to buy and make a statement. An elegant outfit can easily be turned into a classy one by pairing it with a pure banarasi dupatta. The Banarasi dupattas available online come in hues and designs that are appealing to the eye. What makes banarasi silk dupattas stand out is their excellent fabric. The finest threads are entwined to bring a banarasi silk dupatta to life. The intricately woven zari work, embroidery and tassel details incorporated in banarasi dupattas go well with all kinds of ethnic attires. All eyes will be on you when you adorn a pure banarasi dupatta. It is a culturally enriching experience to own a pure banarasi silk dupatta. The finesse of banarasi dupattas is a fine example of the great craftsmanship of banarasi weavers. New techniques have been innovated by artisans to accommodate production of banarasi dupattas so that banarasi silk isn’t limited to sarees. You won’t miss out on the best fabric just because you are not a saree person. Experience the exquisite motifs and breathtaking zari work for which banarasi silk is popular by purchasing a handloom banarasi dupatta online.

Why buy Banarasi Dupatta Online?

Adorning pure banarasi silk as a dupatta rather than a saree is a fresh new experience and you should not stop yourself from it, especially when it is so easy to find banarasi dupattas online. A handloom banarasi dupatta bought online is sure to make your everyday clothing look extraordinary. The intricately designed handloom banarasi dupattas you see online are no less than a piece of art, and what is better is that they get delivered right to your doorstep without the hassle of store hopping. There are more varieties of banarasi dupattas online than you can imagine. While shopping for banarasi dupattas online you’ll find them in numerous colours and patterns. You can search for banarasi dupatta with prices that fit your budget. If you want to own banarasi silk but not as a saree, buy a handloom banarasi dupatta with price that is affordable online.  Sites like Sacred Weaves are up to date with the latest trends in fashion and therefore you shall find the most stylish banarasi dupattas online on such platforms. Stay updated with the styles and keep yourself informed about banarasi dupatta prices when you shop online in order to avail best deals. If you don’t know which banarasi dupattas to look for online, try ones with graphic prints,  embroidered details or cutwork patterns  to look outstanding every day, everywhere.

Choose the best handloom banarasi dupattas online in order to achieve the traditional look of your dreams. A pure banarasi dupatta is enough for you to be showered in compliments as it works well for all kinds of functions be it formal events or festivities. Keep an eye out for the latest banarasi dupattas available online at Sacred Weaves for they will help you steal any show.

How to Style Banarasi Dupattas?

Pure banarasi dupattas look best with a plain kurta and pants, they make you look elegantly stylish. If you are headed to a dinner party pair a banarasi dupatta with a sophisticated kurti and simple bottom to look your best self. A banarasi dupatta doesn’t limit itself to daily wear and can be worn to weddings in contrast with a classy lehenga, statement earrings and high heels. For those who are into a bohemian look, wearing the banarasi dupatta as a shrug with the use of a belt or as a top over a long skirt is a great option.

A few handloom banarasi dupattas that look good with most outfits include :

Black Banarasi Dupatta

Black is a classic colour which is why it is everyone’s favourite. Neutral colours such as black and white never disappoint and go well with every attire. Another advantage of a black dupatta is its versatility as it looks good accompanied with all kinds of colours. Black banarasi dupatta comes with a reasonable price and lasts very long.

Pink Banarasi Dupatta

The colour pink has been every girl’s favourite at one point or another, so it goes without saying that it is preferred by every woman. A pink banarasi dupatta has a girlish charm to it and is therefore a wardrobe must-have. Pair pink banarasi dupattas with gota patti suits and it is guaranteed that you’ll make heads turn, at any function or celebration.

Green Banarasi Dupatta

These dupattas are mostly bought in the season of monsoon as green is associated with nature and ‘savan’.

A bottle green pashmina moonga banarasi silk dupatta is evergreen and can be worn the entire year at different functions paired with different outfits.
A teal green pashmina moonga banarasi silk dupatta has a plush colour which goes well paired with a contrasting suit or even a matching lehenga or anarkali, making you stand out.
You will find the best quality, light weight green banarasi dupattas online at Sacred Weaves.

Turquoise Handloom Banarasi silk Dupatta

There is nothing better than a turquoise banarasi dupatta embellished with booti work to bring glimmer to your look. Wear a turquoise banarasi dupatta with more than one outfit and it still won’t get old.

Magenta Handloom Banarasi silk dupatta

You can never go wrong with a dark magenta dupatta. Its underrated colour and superior quality pashmina moonga silk have a royal feel and add to its appeal.

Red Banarasi Dupatta

A red banarasi dupatta will look great paired in contrast with bright colours with pink and orange undertones, and neutral colours such as white and black and can be found online at Sacred Weaves. Add a pop of colour to your outfit by wearing a red dupatta along with it, as red is a colour that never fails to be interesting.

Blue Banarasi Dupatta

A midnight blue pashmina moonga silk handloom dupatta can be styled in an elegant manner with with neutral shades to bring focus to its beautiful colour. Wear a blue Banarasi handloom dupatta with pink, red or orange shades – to grand functions like weddings – and look your graceful best.

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