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Where to Buy Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Saree?

Indian silk saree is considered one of the most luxurious fabrics. Moreover, silk sarees are also extremely versatile as they can be incorporated successfully into any look. It is the reason why grandmothers, mothers, and even daughters have been donning a pure silk saree for centuries now. One such silk fabric that is extremely popular among women of all generations in India is Katan silk fabric. In this article, we will discuss Katan silk and where you can buy pure Katan silk Banarasi sarees.

What Is Katan Silk?

Katan silk fabric is more flexible to wear as compared to other types of fabrics. It is a plain-woven fabric made from pure silk threads. The fabric is created by twisting two threads together to produce a more durable and sturdier fabric. Having said that, Katan silk is one of the softest, lightest, and the finest quality of silk.

Moreover, the Katan silk sarees have the perfect textured background to do different types of work and to make it more unique. Having said that, you can easily identify the Katan silk fabric as it offers a unique look that makes it stand apart from other types of silk fabrics.

Origin of Katan Silk Sarees

The origin of such types of silk sarees goes way back into history. Women from the royal family in Persia during the Mughal Empire were known to wear designed and luxurious clothing using the Katan Silk. Because of its royal look and sturdy nature, women from the royal family used to wear clothing of Katan silk fabric.

Pure Katan Silk Banarasi Handloom Saree

One of the reasons why Katan silk sarees are famous across the world because they are completely handwoven. Of course, pure Katan silk Banarasi handloom saree have alluring design and quality to offer. But the intricacies that go into weaving these sarees with hands, takes the beauty and purity to next level. These sarees are handwoven with different types of techniques. These techniques include Cutwork Weave and Kadwa Weave.

Katan Silk Banarasi Saree – The Perfect Wedding Material

When talking about Banarasi saree, Katan silk Banarasi sarees are the most looked after and is a must for a bridal trousseau. Wedding days are one of the best and memorable events for any woman. And therefore, Indian women want nothing less than the best for the most important day in their life.

Every woman wants to look gorgeous and at their pristine best on that day. And Katan silk Banarasi sarees offer just the look that they are after. Having said that, the Katan silk Banarasi saree rarely fails to flatter a woman. It makes her feel most feminine, delicate, and bride-like. Therefore, it also makes for a perfect gift for someone on their wedding day. Of course, any bride wearing a pure Katan silk Banarasi handloom saree with her solah sringar will have a royal and opulent look. But it does not mean that you cannot wear it during other events and occasions.

Katan Silk Banarasi Saree Online

Several people want to get their hands on a pure Katan silk Banarasi handloom saree. However, they have no idea where they can buy a pure Katan silk Banarasi saree. If you are also one of these people who is looking to buy a real Katan silk fabric, then we have the right answer for you.

At Sacred Weaves, you can find a wide range of pure Katan silk Banarasi saree. From designs to colors and types – there is one pure Katan silk Banarasi handloom saree available for everyone's liking. You can find these sarees in a wide range of colors including dark magenta, red, green, navy blue, mustard, yellow, purple, pink-orange, and peach.

Moreover, all of these pure Katan silk sarees are available at the most affordable rates at Sacred Weaves. Therefore, wait no more. Whether you are buying it for yourself or your loved ones, book your video shopping experience today and get to know your Katan silk fabric in more detail.

Final Thoughts

Katan silk Banarasi saree is a delight to wear. The royal and opulent look that it has to offer matches none other. Having said that, you can wear a Katan silk saree on several different occasions and events including your wedding day. Therefore, visit Sacred Weaves today and start browsing through the most elegant looking Katan silk saree collection immediately.