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What Is Organza Silk Saree and Types of It


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Indian women are fond of beautiful fabrics. Royal aura, classic look, and soft-touch on the body make you feel even better and also adds to your personality. Of course, back in the days, silk fabric was not affordable and available to everyone. But things have changed dramatically in the 21st century. Today, women like to wear different fabric sarees with elegance and grace. One such saree fabric is Organza sarees, which is also known as Kora silk saree. In this article, we will discuss what is organza silk saree and its different types.

What Is Organza Silk Saree?

Organza silk saree as the name suggests is crafted from a unique fabric known as organza. It is a lightweight, plain weave, sheer fabric that is made from silk. Organza silk is a popular saree material among Indian women who look forward to putting together a classy and elegant look. From traditional drape to party look – the organza silk saree makes perfect wear for numerous occasions.

A lot of people also look for organza saree celebrity. This is because the trend for organza sarees took the silver screen by storm in the mid-2000s. With Bollywood actresses donning the unique silk material, organza silk saree became quite popular during the decade.

How Organza Fabric Is Made?

The weaving process for organza fabric is quite cumbersome. Therefore, a lot of efforts goes into making an organza saree as it is completely handwoven.

After the filament fibers - continuous, long strands of silk are produced. The two single fibers are then twisted together to form a yarn. However, before the yarns are woven into the fabric, it is treated with acid. Thus, increasing the stiffness of the organza saree material. After this, the yarns are weaved together using the plain weave method. Thus, leading to the organza fabric for organza sarees.

Types of Organza Sarees

To ensure the presence of variety in your wardrobe, the organza sarees are available in a number of different types. Thus, offering you a number of options to choose from, wherein you can choose the saree depending upon the occasion that you want to wear it on.

    • Organza Silk

It is one of the best organza saree material that offers a great fusion of contemporary and conventional Indian styles. Thus, making the organza silk saree coupled with heavy zari pallu and border a dream come true for any Indian woman who is in love with sarees.

    • Printed Organza

Many women around the country also like to wear printed organza sarees. The delicate floral prints along with geometric designs and motifs are setting the bar for elegant and fancy sarees very high in India.

    • Organza Sarees with Embroidery

If you are looking to wear a saree for some party events, then the organza sarees with embroidery is one of the best choices. Contrasting colors and refined embroidery adds to your beauty while ensuring that the heads are turning your way in the party event.

Organza Saree Online – Where to Buy Organza Saree

There are several stores – both online and offline – where you can buy organza sarees. However, if you are looking to buy some of the most premium quality organza saree at the most affordable rates, then Sacred Weaves should be your first choice. At Sacred Weaves, you can find organza sarees of different colors.

Moreover, if you want to know the quality of your saree before making the purchase, you can also set a video shopping appointment with Sacred Weaves. No other online store will allow you to have a video shopping experience. Therefore, book your video shopping appointment today and get to know your organza tissue saree before you make the purchase decision. Moreover, at Sacred Weaves, every organza silk saree is completely handwoven. Therefore, ensuring that there is no compromise with the quality of your next kora silk sarees.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking to wear a saree for a party event, festival celebration, or wedding occasion, organza sarees will meet all of your requirements. Thus, wait no more. If you are looking to buy one, then book your video shopping appointment now and get to know the organza sarees in more detail.