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Types of Sarees Material you must know

Types of Sarees Material

In recent years, Indian sarees have taken the international fashion world by storm. It has evolved from being an age-old costume of India into an haute fashion item to be worn for all kinds of occasions. However, not all people know and understand that this trendy item is available in a wide range of fabrics. With each state in the country having its fabric variety and set of unique selling points. Since comfort is an important aspect of choosing this trendiest fashion item, it is crucial to consider saree material types before you decide to buy. In this article, we will discuss types of saree material. But before that let us discuss why saree material types are a crucial factor in your buying decision.

Importance of Saree Material Types

Choosing the right type of saree material is essential for the overall feel and look of the saree. Of course, it affects your comfort level. But it will also affect the way the saree will drape on your body, the pleating style, and the type of embroidery. Moreover, the occasion for which you are buying the saree is also a key factor in selecting the saree fabric. Some fabrics like silk saree material are inherently luxurious. Whereas others look more elegant for casual events.

Saree Material Types

People often get confused between various saree material names. They cannot differentiate between different saree material names such as Silk saree material, crepe saree material, chiffon saree material, and organza saree material among others. Let us discuss these various saree material names in more detail.

Silk saree material is often associated with richness in the country. It has become an integral part of Indian fashion recently. Known for its luxurious texture and vibrant appeal, silk saree material offer a plethora of choices to choose from. banarasi silk saree, Tussar silk saree, Dupion silk saree, and many more. Because silk material is heavy, such saree material types are not ideal for daily wear. But its beauty and opulence make it a favorite bridal saree material. Moreover, you can also wear silk material during various festivals and party events. Having said that, silk saree material is very expensive as compared to other fabrics.

    • Crepe Saree Material

    • Crepe saree material is a more modern type of fabric. It will make you look more enchanting and beautiful. The crepe material offers a unique crumpled texture that gives you a very appealing appearance. You can wear the crepe sarees during any events at your home, including weddings and functions. Having said that, such saree material is less expensive as compared to
pure silk saree
    • Chiffon Saree Material

    • Chiffon saree material is one of the best saree materials if you want to achieve a thin look in sarees. Therefore, it is best for people who are overweight and trying to look a bit slim in the saree. Moreover, the body fit material of the saree is a very peculiar feature. As it has a very delicate material, the saree offers a lighter appearance. It also means that you have to be very cautious while wearing such sarees. Available in attractive designs and colors, chiffon sarees are also less expensive as compared to pure silk sarees.
    • Organza Saree Material

Organza saree material is a plain weave fabric created from silk. Also known as Kora Silk - Organza saree material offers a sturdy make and a coarse texture. The thin, plain fabric is available in a wide range of colors, styles, and prints. Therefore, you can wear it on various occasions and events, including at wedding functions of your near and dear ones. The drape of the saree is such that it can complement any body type. Having said that, it is also less expensive than pure silk sarees.

Other Materials

There are several other types of saree material such as georgette, cotton silk, art silk, and others. In fact, each state in India offers its own unique type of fabric. Such is the richness of this country. You will get tired of wearing sarees, but the saree material types will not end.

Where Can Buy Banarasi Sarees Online?

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