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Most Expensive Banarasi Saree - The Heirloom Luxury

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Banarasi sarees are the most treasured heirloom that celebrates rich history and modernity in equal measure. Owing to their grandeur, richness, and craftsmanship, Banarasi sarees have been enjoying their timeless demand for many decades and the same will continue for the next few decades and beyond. If you are looking for exquisite Banarasi sarees that are unique in every sense, then you have come to the right place. Sacred Weaves has a vintage Banarasi saree collection, which features the most expensive Banarasi saree, which makes a perfect match for heirloom luxury.

In this article, we will discuss some of the most expensive Banarasi saree that you must check out.

Most Expensive Banarasi Saree

Handloom Banarasi sarees crafted from the finest silk material are a delight and opulent. And with such finesses and grace to offer, the handloom Banarasi sarees are always going to come at a higher price compared to others.

While most people term such handloom Banarasi sarees are expensive Banarasi saree, we call them value for money. The richness, opulence, and grace a handloom Banarasi saree exudes is unlike anything else that you might own. Furthermore, with the most expensive Banarasi saree, as you might say, you are also owning a piece of rich Indian heritage and culture.

most expensive Banarasi saree

If you are in search of the best value for money Banarasi sarees, or the most expensive Banarasi saree, then the Sacred Weaves Vintage Banaras collection is the one for you to check out. The Banarasi saree collection is a trademark collection coming from the house of JDS Banaras. Available in different shades, designs, colors, and patterns, the Sacred Weaves most expensive Banarasi saree collection is the one for the ages.

You can pass on these elegant-looking handloom Banarasi sarees from one generation to another, with the sarees losing any bit of charm. The expensive pure Banarasi silk saree is available in vibrant, therefore, making them a perfect choice for traditional ceremonies and festivities. From a wedding reception to anniversary and birthday celebrations, this expensive Banarasi saree gives you the perfect option to flaunt your beauty and charm.

The Vintage Banaras Collection - Most Expensive Banarasi Saree

While all of the sarees in this collection are unmatched and unique on their own, here are some of the few that you must definitely check out, before making your Banarasi saree buying decision.


All of the sarees that you see under the Vintage Banaras collection are exclusive, handwoven, and one of its kind. The finesse of these Banarasi sarees will work wonders every time you wear them, and thus the love will never be lost. Whether it is today or a few years later, the charm is always there, thereby leaving everyone in awe of you and your Banarasi saree.

These sarees are crafted using the most laborious Kadhawa weaving technique and takes approximately 2 – 3 months for being ready completely. You can imagine the hard work put in by our craftsman to bring one of these sarees to life. Because these sarees are one of its kind, you will not find any specific discount or sale on these pure silk Banarasi sarees.

If you wish to have a real zari saree for yourself, but do not find it on the website, do not worry. Sacred Weaves offer real zari sarees; however, they are only available on pre-order basis. You can also, book a video call and have look at these masterpieces before making a pre-order. For more details contact our customer support.

Most Expensive Banarasi Saree Are Crafted Using the Kadhawa Technique

All of these most expensive Banarasi saree that you can see under the Vintage Banaras collection is crafted using the Kadhawa technique, one of the most laborious weaving techniques. Our craftsman put their heart and soul into the development of this handloom Banaras saree. With endless hours of work, the exclusive collection is created, and thus the higher pricing of the pure silk Banarasi saree.

Most Expensive Banarasi Saree

Being said that, the elegant, rare, and extravagant collection of Banarasi saree gives you a look like never before, thereby flaunting your perfect beauty to the rest of the world. Coming from the house of Sacred Weaves, this most expensive Banarasi saree brings along the royal Banarasi heritage with them. So, you are not just buying any saree, you are making an investment in the rich Indian heritage and culture.

Sacred Weaves

Sacred Weaves is an online shopping platform, which makes buying your pure silk handloom most expensive Banarasi sarees online a breeze. With some of the finest-looking Banarasi sarees, Sacred Weaves ensures that you receive the best quality at the best price. You also receive a certificate of authenticity with every Banarasi saree that you buy from the Sacred Weaves platform. Therefore, you do not have to second guess yourself when it comes to the quality of the silk material used in making this handloom Banarasi saree.

JDS Banaras

JDS Banaras runs the online store under the name Sacred Weaves. Being in the business of manufacturing Banarasi sarees for more than 100 years, JDS Banaras has ensured Banarasi sarees reach every woman across the country. Notably, JDS Banaras is working with more than 3,000 retailers across the country, which shows that it is the best manufacturer and wholesaler in India.

Final Thoughts

You might say these are the most expensive Banarasi saree. However, when you look at the value that these sarees have to offer, they are a bargain buy. So, wait no more, visit the Sacred Weaves store today and get your hands on some of the finest-looking Banarasi sarees available at present.