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What Is Cut Work On Sarees?

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The beauty of Indian textiles, the oldest manufacturing industry in the world, truly spans a vast range. The sheer diversity of sarees available in the country is also amplified multiple times with the types of weaving techniques used by manufacturers in India. While some of the weaving techniques are well-known across the fashion industry, not everyone is aware of the most well-known and famous weaving techniques. As a result, many people always have a common question - what is cut work on sarees?

In this article, we will discuss cut work on sarees along with the cutwork weaving process and where you can buy the best cutwork sarees online.

Cut Work on Sarees

Cut work on sarees is a widely used weaving technique wherein the motifs on the sarees are woven together. As a result, it requires much lesser time as compared to other weaving techniques such as Kadhwa. After the weaving process is completed, one can find a large chunk of silk thread at the back of the saree. All of these silk threads are then cut after the weaving is done. Being said that, cutwork sarees are produced using almost all types of silk yarns and in all patterns.

How to Differentiate Cutwork Weaving Process with Others?

If you have knowledge about the various famous weaving techniques used in India, it would very easy for you to differentiate the cutwork weaving process from other types of techniques. However, if you have no idea about cutwork designs on sarees, then the following are some of the points that can help you with differentiation.

  • You can easily identify the cutwork silk sarees by looking at the cutting edges of extra silk threads on the backside of the saree.
  • When the weavers make use of the cutwork weaving technique there might be some rough edges on the backside of the saree.

Difference between Cutwork and Kadhwa Sarees?

In the Kadhwa weaving technique, each motif on the saree is woven separately, however, in the cutwork weaving process, all of the motifs on the saree are weaved together. Therefore, the Kadhwa weaving process is much more laborious as compared to Cutwork. This intricate weaving nature of the Kadhwa technique makes the saree much more expensive as compared to cutwork sarees that are affordable as well as trendy among women across the country.

Where Can You Wear Cutwork Sarees?

Cutwork designs for sarees are a popular weaving technique among saree manufacturers around the country. The reason behind this popularity is the fact that women across the nation adore cutwork sarees. Moreover, the fashion trend of wearing cutwork sarees has only grown over the decades.

Therefore, whether it is an Indian festival or family gatherings such as anniversaries or wedding ceremonies, handloom Banarasi cutwork sarees make for perfect wear regardless of the occasion. Such is the grandeur of Banarasi handloom cutwork sarees that it matches anyone’s unique style quotient. The delicateness and intricacy of cutwork sarees have always fascinated women around the country.

Where to Buy Cutwork Sarees Online?

Cutwork sarees are the best. More often than not, Banarasi handloom sarees tends to be on the expensive side. With countless hours of craftsmanship and just the overall richness associated with the handloom Banarasi sarees, makes them more expensive as compared to other sarees. However, when it comes to buying pure handloom Banarasi silk saree on an affordable price tag from the heritage city of Banaras, cut work sarees are the best.

There are several websites where you can buy cutwork sarees online. However, if you are looking for the most premium and yet affordable cutwork sarees that will make heads turn on your way, then there is no place better than Sacred Weaves.

Sacred Weaves offers you a wide range of artistic and premium handloom Banarasi sarees, including cutwork sarees. Moreover, with the vast range of designs and color offerings, Sacred Weaves has something for everyone. Therefore, if you are actively looking to buy Banarasi sarees online, make sure that you visit Sacred Weaves to see the real beauty offered by the Indian textile industry.

Being said that, to make cutwork sarees online shopping easier for customers across the country, Sacred Weaves has also launched a Video Shopping feature. Using the Video Shopping feature, customers from any corner of India can book an appointment with Sacred Weaves to get a better understanding of the different sarees.

Final Thoughts

Cutwork sarees have a special place in the Indian textile industry and also in the heart of many women across India. The elegance and beauty offered by a handloom Banarasi saree make it the perfect wear regardless of the occasion. Therefore, if you are in the market looking for elegant and pristine cutwork silk sarees, then Sacred Weaves is the best choice available. From affordability to a rich online shopping experience, Sacred Weaves has everything to offer that you are looking for. Moreover, being the online venture of JDS, Varanasi, you can be rest assured about the quality offered by Sacred Weaves.