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SALE- Khaddi Georgettes now at Weaver's Price

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Shruti Shah – The Name behind the Success Story of Sacred Weaves

At the forefront, Banarasi sarees are loved and cherished among women across the world, but more so in India. Of course, the weave has a rich heritage and history associated with it, which makes it even more fascinating to wear even in this modern age. And women do love to wear their Banarasi sarees every time they get a chance to do so. However, not many women know about the pioneers who have been working behind the scenes endlessly to continue the legacy of Banarasi Sarees for years.

In this article, we will discuss Mrs. Shruti Shah, one of the modern-day pioneers of handloom Banarasi sarees in India, who launched the Sacred Weaves online platform to ensure that the rich fabric is available in every corner of the country and across borders. But before that, let us briefly talk about the history associated with Sacred Weaves and where it all started.

Jagdish Das & Company

Jagdish Das & Company, which is popularly known as JDS all over the nation and is spreading overseas with each passing day, is the roots of Sacred Weaves. For more than 100 years, JDS has been become the trademark and is one entity that has continued the legacy of Banarasi sarees in India. JDS, for several decades, has been serving the demand for Banarasi sarees from its customers around the country.

From trendy to traditional, party wear, regular wear, and bridal wear, JDS has epitomized the Banarasi sarees in India. It is the unparalleled quality offered by JDS at the best prices that have forced more than 3,000 retailers in India to work with the best house for Banarasi sarees in the country. While JDS is more than a hundred-year-old firm, the company did not stop innovating with its product and services.

With the world going ga-ga over the digital revolution, JDS decided to meet the customers where they were spending most of their time, the Internet.

Shruti Shah – The Brains behind Sacred Weaves

With consumers spending most of their time on the internet and the rise of e-commerce shopping in the country, gave birth to the next chapter of JDS in Sacred Weaves. While Mr. Viresh Shah and Mr. Rajesh Shah have been foreseeing the operations of JDS, Sacred Weaves came from the brains of Mrs. Shruti Shah, wife of Mr. Rajesh Shah.

Being a gold medalist in Finance from BHU, Mrs. Shruti Shah coupled her interest and professionalism to modernize the family business which gave birth to Sacred Weaves. The online venture of JDS, Sacred Weaves has broken the barriers of boundaries to ensure that the rich fabric of Banarasi sarees is available to consumers around the world.

Mrs. Shruti Shah, the founder of Sacred Weaves, is continuously innovating to ensure that the customers receives the purest of silk Banarasi sarees. To let know customers that their Banarasi saree from Sacred Weaves is made from pure silk, Mrs. Shruti Shah introduced the feature of HSN Code on the Sacred Weaves website. Notably, Sacred Weaves is the only brand that has introduced the HSN Code feature. No other brand offers any such feature on their platform.

When browsing through the Sacred Weaves website, look for HSN Code – 5007 under the product description. This code gives customers the assurance of pure silk. Apart from ensuring the quality and authenticity, Sacred Weaves also provides a certificate for authenticity with each and every product.

Final Thoughts

Both JDS and Sacred Weaves are known for their high-quality handloom traditional Banarasi silk sarees. While JDS is a household name in Uttar Pradesh, Sacred Weaves has ensured that everyone can buy a pure silk Banarasi saree across the country and even in other countries overseas. Thanks to Mrs. Shruti Shah, the legacy of Banarasi silk sarees will continue to live on forever through the online venture in India and across the world.