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Flat 30% Off Sale, Ending 30th June!

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SHIKARGAH-The Beauty and Marvelous Art of Saree Weaving

Banarasi Shikargah saree is a move of nature on silk strings. A living treasure, an examination in lavishness, a wrap once made uniquely for the sovereignty. Banarasi sarees are known for their rich and lofty look. With zari vines, winged animals, creatures, greenery and looking over wilderness scenes, Shikargah is an extraordinary, Banarasi handloom forte. It's hard not to be astounded by the unpredictability of weaves and the flawless craftsmanship in plain view in these fantastic sarees!

Banarasi Shikargah sarees can be worn uniquely

Handwoven Shikargah jangla sarees are exemplary and exquisite. These sarees have Katan silk twist and Tissue weft. Woven uniquely by not very many weavers in Varanasi, the shikargah saree is one fortune you should have for the joy of having the most selective handloom silk.

With regards to weaving or fine art of textures, Banaras is one name to deal with. Rich and antiquated in social decent variety, the spot houses skilled workers who have been adroit in their work for ages. You won't discover a wedding trousseau in India without a Banarasi work saree; such is the allure and brand name of it.


Shikargah - The Beauty & Marvelous Art of Saree Weaving

Banaras gloats of different sorts of works of art on textures; one of them being Shikargah, or saree with "chasing scenes". Gold and silk strings are woven in a brocade style with examples of creatures in chasing stances. The uniqueness of the example lies in the way that the plans are not brocaded by a toss transport, which would prompt free strings on the underside of the theme, however by what is known as a kadhua clank. In this brocaded example, just the frameworks of the theme get the example string on the underside, so the interstices are not secured with superfluous free strings. Also, the silk utilized in the weft is the untwisted assortment, giving the saree its very own uncommonness.

Sacred Weaves the best, the most complicatedly structured and radiant shading blend Shikargah sarees. With a melange of human figures, creature themes and looking over vines in brilliant and silver zari, they are for the most part ageless pieces. We have incorporated an assortment of saree textures adorned with Banarasi Shikargah's work while on one hand, there is the effectively reasonable dupion silk saree, we have substantial and extravagant Katan silk sarees as well.

Regardless of whether you go for Banarasi Shikargah sarees or dupattas, they are an absolute necessity to have in your closet. Demonstration of the aptitude of weavers as well as a representation of your world-class taste, these are fit for when you wear one of them. Let praises stream as effectively as your grin!

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