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Priyamani Wears Black Banarasi Uppada Silk Saree in IIFA Awards 2022

The love affair of Bollywood divas and Indian pure silk handloom Banarasi sarees has been trending these days. Whether it is their wedding celebration or anniversary or an appearance at an award function, Banarasi sarees have become the number one preference for most Bollywood divas and for all the obvious reasons. In addition to being rich in nature, pure silk handloom Banarasi sarees are just bliss. From comfort to high-end luxury, the Indian Banarasi sarees are hard to beat in any possible way, especially when they are coming from Sacred Weaves.

In this article, we will discuss another Bollywood diva who recently donned the weaves of Banarasi sarees from Sacred Weaves at the IIFA award ceremony 2022.

Priyamani Wears Black Banarasi Uppada Silk Saree

Priyamani, better known for her roles in The Family Man, wore a black Banarasi Uppada silk saree at the IIFA award ceremony 2022. The Bollywood diva bought the Banarasi Uppada silk saree from Sacred Weaves, which has one of the best collections of Banarasi Uppada silk sarees. Notably, the Bollywood diva was looking breathtakingly beautiful in the Banarasi Black Uppada silk saree.

She paired the Uppada silk saree with a matching sleeveless black color blouse, minimal makeup, jhumkas, and a necklace. Her look was completed beautifully well with a center-parted bun and smoky eyes. She definitely would have managed to turn many heads her way during her appearance at the IIFA award ceremony. The fact that it was her birthday as well made the Black Banarasi Uppada silk saree even more fitting for the occasion.

Posting her Black Banarasi Uppada silk saree look on her Instagram profile, the Bollywood diva also tagged Sacred Weaves. If you are looking for Banarasi saree inspiration, do not forget to check out her look on Instagram. It is not only great for an award ceremony but it is also the best for a birthday celebration.

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Final Thoughts

Priyamani is not the first and of course, not the last Bollywood diva that you have seen wearing a Banarasi saree on a special occasion. The love affair is going to continue for decades to come. Such is the beauty of pure silk handloom Banarasi sarees. If you are looking to buy a Banarasi saree like the one that Priyamani wore at the IIFA ceremony, then you now know where to buy the saree from. So visit Sacred Weaves today and get your hands on the finest-looking Banarasi sarees.