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Moonga Tussar and It's Unrestrained Magnificence

Moonga silk is perhaps the rarest silk on the planet. The trademark highlight of this silk that separates it from every single other form of silk is that it is absolutely gold yellow in shading, the yellowish tint of the silk gives it a lofty shine and stunning look.

As flawless and intriguing as a gem, Moonga silk is viewed as one of the best, generally colorful and enchantingly lovely among all silks. The reality is that its incredibly tough and was once held distinctly for the regal individuals. The Moonga silk sarees are viewed as one of the most costly and most mainstream silk sarees and Handloom Banarasi silk sarees from India. Considering the wealth of the silk and the magnificence it brings out in sarees, the Moonga silk is an absolute necessity in the closet.


Moonga Tussar


'Moonga' signifies yellowish, henceforth the name. Natural, regular and one of the most grounded common fiber, it is produced using the Muga silkworm which is so delicate in nature that is can't endure even the least of contamination levels. The significant feature of this silk is its life span and flexibility. It is said that for the most part, a Muga silk saree outlasts the wearer. Another interesting element natural of the texture is that the brilliant gloss increments with age, in this way, making it look better it ages. Moonga silk which was once saved uniquely for the eminence is presently a pined for texture for wedding and conventional wear. 



Further, 1000 spreads can make around 125 grams of silk, yet alone saree requires on any occasion 1000 grams of silk. Around 125 hours is taken to weave a Moonga silk saree.
The strength and the luscious texter of this silk make it one of the most acclaimed silks in India and everywhere throughout the world.

With a combination of excellent Moonga Silk sarees at Sacred weaves, it's an ideal opportunity to structure them to be worn on bubbly events. Get fascinated by the perfection of these sarees and captivate all by your selective taste.