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Best Sarees for Summer Wedding

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The Indian summer season is the season of weddings. With summer being the season of weddings, every woman, especially the brides, wants to look at their absolute best in the most striking outfits which give the Indian summer its due. At the same time, women do not want to compromise their comfort. Thus, it becomes even more important to choose the best sarees for summer wedding that can perfectly complement the joyous occasion and the season.

With that being said, there are several types of sarees for summer wedding, which not only reflects the epitome of Indian tradition and heritage but perfectly complements the summer season. You might be wondering which sarees are these and why haven’t you heard of these sarees before. Well, you have heard of them, you just did not know that they are the best ones when it comes to traditional Indian wear and is also the best wear during summer weddings.

Sarees For Summer Wedding

Outfit planning, especially planning for wedding sarees for summer, can be notoriously tricky. You want to look at your splendid best and thus, there is no room for error. And we understand this. Thus, whether you are the sister of the bride who wants to strut like a diva in the perfect traditional Indian attire at one of the ceremonies or the bride who is planning for her wedding trousseau, we bet you will fall in love with these sarees for summer wedding.

Banarasi Tissue Sarees

Banarasi Tissue Sarees


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Banarasi Tissue sarees are unbeatable in both style and elegance. These sarees have a golden tone, thereby offering a shiny and lustrous look, which makes it perfect for brides and bridesmaid. The free flow and lightweight nature of these sarees makes it one of the best sarees for summer wedding. Not just for wedding ceremonies and functions, but the Banarasi tissue saree is also a great fit for cocktail parties.

The intricate nature of this saree works magic. While these sarees look expensive and classy but are not heavy on pocket. Glossy and shiny appearance of these sarees blends well with kundan and gold jewelry. Apt for Traditional and wedding function, these sarees also look glamorous with half blouses and are apt for cocktail and evening parties.

Banarasi Organza Sarees


Banarasi Organza Sarees



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Banarasi Organza sarees are all about the trends these days. The trendy, featherweight, transparent sarees are widely popular among the young generation women across India. These sarees drape so nicely, which ensures that one can carry them elegantly even in the scorching summer heat. The sheer shine of these sarees along with their ultra-sophisticated looks have made them the favored choice among masses.

The lightweight sarees are well-suited for all types of wedding functions and ceremonies, which again makes one of the best sarees for summer wedding. Even Bollywood divas have felt in love with these sarees, simply because of the fact that they offer a stylish look that is hard to beat. The printed Organza sarees, both in dark and light shades, will certainly turn heads of many.

Banarasi Georgette Sarees


Banarasi Georgette Sarees



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Banarasi Georgette sarees have been known for centuries for the classic look that they offer. The georgette sarees along with zari work makes them look alluring along with jewelry, offering brides and bridesmaid with the perfect combination of elegance and royalty. While the sarees have zari work, they are not heavy by any means, which makes it a perfect wear for summer wedding.

The Banarasi Georgette sarees are lighter than silk, easy to carry, and extremely comfortable to wear. The saree has an edge over others as it not only fashionable but also has its roots in the Indian cultural heritage. With these sarees offering unmatched grace and opulence, they are no less than a blessing for a woman. And with them being well-suited for all kinds of occasions, including weddings, Banarasi Georgette sarees are again good for summer wear.

Sacred Weaves to Shop for Sarees for Summer Wedding

When it comes to Banarasi sarees, woman in India has a special place, and thus, they want their Banarasi sarees to be even more special. With these sarees often passed from one generation to another, you would want to make sure that you get your hands on the best sarees for summer wedding. So where do you find the best wedding sarees for summer?

Sacred Weaves is the answer.

With Sacred Weaves you receive unmatched quality. The handloom Banarasi sarees are unlikely to be found anywhere else. Such is the collection available with Sacred Weaves. The online store, operated by JDS Banaras, offers you handloom Banarasi sarees that are detailed to perfection. And with JDS Banaras being in the business of manufacturing Banarasi sarees for over 100 years, you will only receive the best quality and premium-ness in your Banarasi sarees.

Sarees for Summer Wedding – Check Sacred Weaves Wedding Collection

To make your search for the best sarees for summer wedding simpler and easier, Sacred Weaves has a special collection – Wedding Collection. Notably, the Wedding Collection consists of some of the finest Banarasi sarees that you will ever come across. The hand-curated collection is the epitome of creativity and perfectly reflects Indian heritage and tradition, along with the touch of modern India.

So, what is it that is stopping you from getting your hands on the best looking sarees for summer wedding? Visit the online store today and get going with your wedding preparations. At least your search for the best sarees for summer wedding will end with Sacred Weaves.

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