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Best Banarasi Saree for Day Wedding Functions

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Irrespective of the culture and the environment, wedding rituals and celebrations are special for everyone involved. With such a grand occasion at hand, many often find themselves stuck in the never-ending loop of what to wear, which color to wear, and what time of the day to wear. Here, we will also discuss what saree for day weddings is better suited. Let us discuss the three questions you find yourself stuck in.

What Saree for Day Wedding Should You Wear?

Banarasi Sarees for Day Wedding

There are many different types of sarees available in India and often women find themselves baffled by all the choices they have available. However, show them a Banarasi saree, and everything else goes for a toss. So, why think so much in the first place, when you can wear different types of Banarasi sarees for all the various events during the wedding ceremony? From Katan to Georgette and Organza, there are plenty of choices available when it comes to pure silk handloom Banarasi sarees, and all of them make for the perfect wear for a day wedding.

For Summer Weddings

Georgette, Organza, and Tissue sarees are well suited for weddings scheduled during the summer season. The flowy, glossy, and soft texture of the Tissue Banarasi silk sarees makes it incredible to wear during summer season. On the other hand, Organza sarees provides the ultra-sophisticated and transparent look, thereby giving them a refreshing vibe. When it comes to Georgette sarees, the soft and smooth texture ensures comfort throughout the hot summer days.

For Winter Weddings

Katan Silk sarees, on the other hand, are better suited for winter weddings. These sarees are woven by twisting two threads together, thereby making it sturdier, when compared to other Banarasi silk sarees.

Now, the second question which might come to your mind is what color to wear for wedding celebrations. Well, we have an answer.

Which Color Saree for Day Wedding Should You Adorn?

Banarasi Sarees for Day wedding

Banarasi sarees are flawless and a piece of art. Thus, it does not matter which color Banarasi saree you adorn. However, if you are still so peculiar about the colors, go for light and pastel shades Banarasi sarees. This because during the day time, dark colors can look unpleasing to the eyes, whereas light colors can be more soothing. Pink, Yellow, Lemon, Rose, Gray, Off-white are among the some that you can choose for yourself for attending the next wedding function. If you are the bride, well, go for the classic red. It never goes out of fashion and every eye in the room will be stuck on you. There is a reason why everyone loves the Banarasi saree, and the reason is that Banarasi sarees are flawless.
Now, the third question which might be haunting you is there a better alternative to Banarasi saree for day wedding. Well, stay with us.


Better Alternative to Banarasi Saree for Day Wedding?

Nothing comes as close as the beauty of Banarasi sarees. Furthermore, these sarees give you a feminine appeal and at the same time empowers you. Thus, there is no better alternative to Banarasi saree for day wedding.

Banarasi Satin silk sarees

As we said, Banarasi sarees are so flawless that you can wear them anywhere and at any time of the day, and you will look the absolute best version of yourself. Such is the charisma and beauty of a pure silk handloom Banarasi sarees. Being said that, Banarasi sarees are as good as any for even a day wedding function. Therefore, do not think twice and go shopping for the best of the best Banarasi sarees for the day wedding celebration the next day, next week, or next month.

Now, that we have answered the three questions haunting you, you might ask, where to find the best Banarasi sarees for wedding wears. Well, hold on, we know exactly where you should be looking. It is the best place to shop online.

Sacred Weaves – To Shop Online

Sacred Weaves is the best online shop for all your Banarasi sarees needs. From Katan silk Banarasi sarees to Organza and Georgette, there are plenty of elegant choices available for your next purchase.

The best thing – you get supreme quality Banarasi sarees for day wedding at the most affordable rates. The video shopping feature also makes the purchase more interactive and fun. If this is not enticing enough to make a purchase for Banarasi sarees, we think you will be always stuck in the revolving door of what to buy and what not to buy for your wedding wear.

JDS Banaras

Whether you are looking for sarees for daytime wedding or nighttime weddings, when it comes to Banarasi sarees, there is no better place than the house of JDS Banaras. A selection like no other, JDS has mastered the art of Banarasi sarees over the years, and its experience of more than 100 years speaks for itself. And with Sacred Weaves coming from the roots of JDS Banaras, you can be assured that you are getting the best available.