Flat 30% Off Sale, Ending 30th June!

Flat 30% Off Sale, Ending 30th June!

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Banarasi Lehenga: Splendid Edition By Sacred Weaves

Banarasi sarees have been getting everyone's attention for some time now, so how could the lehengas be deserted? A handmade many-sided banarasi lehenga is really immortal and has such an old-world appeal to it. A shocking and flexible outfit that will never leave style. Be it a lady or bridesmaids, styling the banarasi lehenga is basically mystical and they can go connected at the hip on any event. They're adaptable and you can tone up or mitigate the adornments dependent on the event, so it's a given, they're an immortal specialty intended to be utilized on numerous occasions.

With a glorious banarasi texture, you can create a look that is ideal for any climate and the hues are so satisfying to the eye. From grays and golds to hot pinks and reds, they shout vintage, fascinating and ethnic! The unpredictable zari has a bubbly sheen and with bungle being a pattern that is administering the wedding scene.

Be it a monochromatic lehenga or one with numerous hues at play, this famous outfit can be ideal for your large day. Make a style proclamation with this old texture with an immortal appeal, and you're certainly making heads turn!


On the off chance that you are intrigued to possess a handwoven banarasi lehenga, You can think that its everything right now. Sacred Weaves offers the equivalent for which range begins from Rs.25000/ - and goes up to Rs.55000/ -. View this and you will discover it certainly worth